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  1. finleyville

    Rogue Audio RH-5 Impression Thread

    Did you ever post a pic of your remote? I am eager to see it.
  2. finleyville

    Rogue Audio RH-5 Impression Thread

    Thank you for sharing the pics. @LifeOnMercury, @huangwan Thanks for the info. Those Abyss 1266's are rated at only 47 ohms. Their sensitivity of only 88dB must be the reason they are known to be hard to drive. It just seems like for a headphone amp to be capable of driving the most...
  3. finleyville

    Rogue Audio RH-5 Impression Thread

    As far as tube-rolling is concerned... My music presentation tastes tend to lean a bit more to the solid-state than a vacuum tube style. That meant that the Mullards and the GE's I tried were way too warm, mushy, and overly bloomed bass. Conversely, the Telefunken's I tried were too bright...
  4. finleyville

    Rogue Audio RH-5 Impression Thread

    Before I respond to the tube rolling query I have a question of my own: What gain settings is everyone listening to in both headphone and preamp mode? When using either my Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6XX or in preamp mode I do not get any audible music unless I choose Gain 3. On top of that, I...
  5. finleyville

    Rogue Audio RH-5 Impression Thread

    <James Earl Jones voice> This is The look of, I mean...CNN </end James Earl Jones voice>
  6. finleyville

    Rogue Audio RH-5 Impression Thread

    I (usually) do not like the sound of the classic tube sound. Having said that, I love the sound from this amp. I have been using a matched pair of Psvane Mk II's as I feel they are the most solid state sounding tube out there. I love the detail retreaval, quickness, and accuracy of this...
  7. finleyville

    Wheatfield audio HA-2

    One of the best amps I had the pleasure of listening to. I wish I could get my hands on one, too.
  8. finleyville

    Singxer SU-1 XMOS XU208 USB Digital interface

    I'll take it. I am tired of seeing this thing up on the boards. lol.
  9. finleyville

    Questyle CMA600i first impressions thread

    I, too, am interested in this. I need a amp for my HD650's and would not mind replacing my current two channel DAC if I like this one better.
  10. finleyville

    DIY - Wireless/SD player for the Mojo

    Nice looking project. How does it sound?
  11. finleyville

    Silly Yggdrasil question

    Thank you very muchly!
  12. finleyville

    Silly Yggdrasil question

    Anyway... Will the Yggy output to both the RCA outputs AND the balanced outputs at the same time? It would be nice to hook up both my speaker preamplifier and a balanced headphone amp simultaneously. Thank you.
  13. finleyville

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

        Ha. Funny.  I still do too.
  14. finleyville

    Unique Melody Mentor debut in Tokyo e-earphone festival

    Would you mind elaborating exactly why?  I am trying to understand the sound signatures of these high end CIEMs without ever hearing them.  Tough stuff!  The last thing I want is to plop down this amount of money, wait for them to be finished, listen to them and think......meh. 
  15. finleyville

    Unique Melody Mentor debut in Tokyo e-earphone festival

    I would like to know too.  It is between these two CIEMs for me.  I really liked my Westone 4s.  However, they broke and I want something with the same or better clarity, extension, and separation but with more "fun factor." 
  16. finleyville

    Unique Melody Mentor debut in Tokyo e-earphone festival

    @ Shini44   Are your carbon fiber face plates REAL carbon fiber or some textured decal then acrylic applied over?  I am a CF whore and will accept nothing but the real thing.    Actually, I am deciding upon either the Mentor or the JH Roxanne.  It is hard to decide when I haven't heard...
  17. finleyville

    New JH Audio flagship! "Siren Series Roxanne"

    Since I am a carbon fiber junky these instantly gave me a Head-gasm.   I just now have to figure out how to possibly rationalize purchasing these to me and my wife.....   Maybe if I sell a kidney?
  18. finleyville

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Holy cow!   Jude, JMT, Pigmode, Duncan, Lextek, Chadbang, Gloco, Plainsong, Bangraman, Zanth all in the same thread!  It almost seems like old times.   I can't believe that it has been 10 years for me either.  Like many "old timers" here I, too, started @ Headwize before I came over...
  19. finleyville

    Buying first set of customs, UM Mage vs JH13? (With a comparison of my other iems)

    Good luck on your search.  I wish I had something for you; I do not.   
  20. finleyville

    Sennheiser HD 580 - SOLD

    If you can have these to me by Christmas (15090) I'll take them tonight for $150 Paypal'ed from bank transfer. They are for a present. I cannot go above $130 but I'll borrow some for $150. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you very much.
  21. finleyville

    FS: Sennheiser HD580

    Please send pics to Thanks. BTW, do you have the original box?
  22. finleyville

    Pipe Smoking

    Quote: Originally Posted by Comfy Oh, one more thing. Cuban cigars are NOTHING compared to good pipe tobacco in a good pipe. I'd take a bowl of Marlin Flake any day over a Montecristo or a Cohiba. There is just much more taste and pleasure in pipe smoke. It is a small wonder that pipe...
  23. finleyville

    Speaker x-over question

    Anyway... I will be building this x-over for a Dayton 2-way bookshelf found here. I am assuming that the "ri =" notation below all the inductors is the inherant resistance within those coils. Is this correct? HOW IMPORTANT is it for me to not only match the L of those coils but also the...
  24. finleyville

    Generic Case for IEMs

    Quote: Originally Posted by fondy44 What was wrong with the original E5 case? Mine never came with the hard case just the little felt envelope.