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  1. stuartr

    What's the best free Mac CD burning software?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of good programs for this. I was hoping to just make a mix CD from AIFF files and burn it so that it would work in regular CD players. It would not seem to be that hard, but it is eluding me. When I just tried to do it through the OS, I would get data cd's with...
  2. stuartr

    Finally managed to install my own sounds amazing.

    I installed a cartridge by myself for the first time, and my lord was it a pain in the ass. I feel like you need three espresso-free hands, all with fingers the size of tweezers. You also need bionic eyes, the patience of Penelope (yes, and Odyssey reference), and an ability to just stop...
  3. stuartr

    FS: The Maestrobator! Carlo-Modded SHA-Gold with Mullard E88cc's

    Up for sale is a extremely rare, very highly regarded amp. I am moving out of the country, and I need to raise some cash. If you are not familiar with the Maestrobator, do a search on it. Carlo was a head-fier who is no longer around (and strongly missed...if you are out there, I hope you are...
  4. stuartr

    FS: Joe Grado HP-2 with Signature Ultra Wide Bandwidth Reference Cable, Box

    Well, I have not been around here in awhile, and an upcoming move to Iceland is forcing me to sell off some of my gear. I am mostly listening to my Omega II's now, so I have to sell my beloved HP-2's. They are in great shape, though there is no lettering remaining on the headphones...I think the...
  5. stuartr

    Hoping for some high end speaker amp advice

    Hello everyone. First of all, hello to all the old members. I have not been around for awhile. Sorry, my headphone setup is complete and satisfies me completely. I have been so busy with photography that I have not had much time to deal with the audio. I am having a bit of an issue with my...
  6. stuartr

    FS/IC: A bunch of portables and various other items:

    I am cleaning house and I want to get rid of some of the things that I don't use as often so that I can put some money towards new gear. I can (and may later) send or post pictures of all of these items if need be, I am just rather busy at the moment. All items are in perfect working order and...
  7. stuartr

    Henri Cartier-Bresson dies. (One of the greatest photographers of all time.)

    The world has lost one of its greatest artists. He was 95. There is an excellent and moving obituary for him in the New York Times: He will be missed.
  8. stuartr

    A visit to the Sony and Audio Technica Headquarters

    I just got back from a trip from Japan, and I am duly impressed by the hospitality and service of the Japanese manufacturers, especially Audio Technica. I have studied Japanese culture and speak Japanese, so it was not totally unexpected, but it was still amazing. Well, Sony first. The Sony...
  9. stuartr

    Anyone know Einsturzende Neubauten?

    I take it they are industrial music. A lot of my friends really like them, so I am just curious what the take is on the band. I am going to try to pick up a CD.
  10. stuartr

    Better Audio for the Cinema

    A link from a former head-fier that seems pretty interesting: Hopefully this will help improve the sound in the movies. Though lossless digital is sort of an oxymoron anyway though right?
  11. stuartr

    Happy Birthday Ozric

    Now go prescribe yourself some good drugs and have a ball! By the way, did anything ever come of the problem with your neighbor? I hope everything turned out alright... Enjoy the day.
  12. stuartr

    Windy and Carl and other music to study to. What do you like?

    I am currently listening to Windy and Carl's Consciousness -- the best CD I have ever heard to study to. it is ambient, and somewhat droning, and pretty enough to be contemplative and not grating. At the same time, you are able to zone out to it, more than just being forced to listen attentively...
  13. stuartr

    Revelation: Chris Whitley is incredible

    I am listening to his new CD -- Hotel Vast Horizon, and it is just awesome. The guy is such a good songwriter and player. Dirt Floor is also incredible...he is really diverse, coming from a sort of rock infused with country to blues, electronic aspects in some stuff...none of it really...
  14. stuartr

    Some impressions of Headphile's XRS and BlackSilver interconnects

    Recently, head-fier Kartik graciously sent me his new Headphile XRS and BlackSilver interconnects and asked me to give my impressions. The Headphile cables are made by Head-Fi member Xanadu777. The BlackSilver interconnects are pretty much the standard affair – silver wire and RCA terminations...
  15. stuartr

    The Cure is mixed to play loud...

    I was reading the liner notes to my copy of Disintegration, and I noticed a funny line. It said: "This album was mixed to be played loud, so turn it up!" I thought this was somewhat funny. It does sound better loud, but doesn't most rock? What in particular do you think they did in the mixing...
  16. stuartr

    Best PDA for Mac users

    Hey guys, I was thinking of getting a PDA, and I was wondering what would be the best bet. Cost no object (well, under 500 dollars, which I think all are...). Are there good ones on the cusp of being released? Does it make sense to get one now, or wait a bit? I would like it to have bluetooth to...
  17. stuartr

    Krell SACD Standard 10 minute mini impressions

    Hey guys. I just figured I would let you know that I heard the Krell SACD standard today -- it rocks. I only listened for a few minutes, but it was with a conrad johnson CAV-50 (not mine, but I have the same amp) and Wilson Audio Sofia loudspeakers (surprisingly the CAV-50 actually can drive...
  18. stuartr

    Suicide Club (jisetsu sa-kuru) anyone seen it?

    Has anyone seen this movie? It is a japanese movie. Very weird and interesting. It is about a wave of mass suicides among high school students in Tokyo. I guess it won a bunch of awards at international film festivals. It is pretty graphic though, so you might not want to watch it with your...
  19. stuartr

    EMI Classic Archives DVD's

    These are incredible. I bought two -- one of Rostropovich playing Shostakovich's First Cello Concerto and Prokofiev's Simfonia Concertante, and the other of him playing Beethoven's Cello Sonatas with Sviatoslav Richter. It is unbelievable to see these performances before your eyes. though the...
  20. stuartr

    Big News for lovers of Bach's Cello Suites!

    I wrote to EMI the other day requesting that they put out the recordings that Mstislav Rostropovich made of Bach's cello suites on DVD. They actually went ahead and filmed these at the same time as they recorded them...anyway EMI wrote back to me and said they plan to release them on DVD video...
  21. stuartr

    FS: Conrad-Johnson DV2b Tubed Cd player

    Hey guys, I figured I would put this up here before I sent it to audiogon or ebay. This CJ cd player is an excellent, musical cd player. It originally retailed for 2500 dollars. I bought it as the second owner last winter and it was in perfect condition with original box, manual, remote and all...
  22. stuartr

    Help me with intimate blues (guitar and voice)

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon Kelly Joe Phelps, and I had never heard anything as good. He is just so incredible. Does anyone know any other blues/bluegrass/folk music that would be similar to him? I like pretty intimate stuff, usually just guitar and voice. Bigger ensembles are sometimes ok. Any...
  23. stuartr

    Quick Review/Comparison. Kimber Select 1010 vs. Cardas Neutral Reference

    Hello all, I was just doing a cable comparison, and I figured I would share it with you all. I really enjoyed both of these cables, but it taught me how truly system/component dependent cables are. In any case, you can't really go wrong with either of these cables, but you can certainly do...
  24. stuartr

    WTB Melos Gold/Gold Reference

    Hey guys, looking to buy an amp (and preamp) to use with my HP-2's. Does anyone have one for sale? Know where I can find one for a good price? (I know about audiogon, but that's about it). Thanks, Stuart
  25. stuartr

    Turning the conrad johnson CAV-50 into a SET amp.

    Hi all. This may be a difficult question, but maybe somebody has an idea. I have a conrad-johnson CAV-50 amp: It states in the amp's instruction manual: "Optionally, the CAV50 may be reconnected internally for triode operation of the output stage, for exceptionally musical performance...