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  1. macfly

    XDuoo X3 DSD 24Bit / 192KHz CS4398 Chip Lossless Music Player

    Got a link for that deal?
  2. macfly

    Yamaha CDX-1120

    Years ago, this 40 lb behemoth was Yamaha's signature piece. Still a fantastic CD player with a highly regarded laser and DAC. These are pretty hard to come by. Built like a tank and doubles as a pretty good headphone amp with terrific deep bass and high end extension, very warm and detailed...
  3. macfly

    iPhone 2G 16gb

    accidental duplicate post
  4. macfly

    iPhone 2G 16gb

    OK, I took the skin off. Upon doing that, I discovered a few small dents on one corner of the phone, as seen in one of the photos. Sorry these aren't the greatest quality. Best I could do under the crappy lighting here and with a smartphone camera.                ...
  5. macfly

    iPhone 2G 16gb

    Gently used iPhone 2G 16gb, excellent condition. Phone is in mint condition with the exception of a few small dings on one corner (see photos). I do not have the original box or accessories, only the phone itself.   This belonged to a relative and I inherited it to use as a camera when my...
  6. macfly

    Grado SR-325 (all-black finish; mid-1990s edition)

    I'm selling my mid-90s generation Grado SR-325 headphones. These feature an all-black finish with silver lettering, and were some of the first transitional SR-325 models made as John Grado took over most of the operations from Joe Grado. Mesh is white, with stock SR-325 drivers (not the HP-1000...
  7. macfly

    WANTED: JBL On Tour Portable Speakers

    EDIT: Disregard this ad; I found a pair of used Foxl speakers.
  8. macfly

    Etymotic filters for Etymotic Musicians Earplugs - ER-9e, ER-25

    I have two sets of beige replacement filters/attenuators for Etymotic Musician's Earplugs (   1 pair ER-9e (9dB reduction) 1 pair ER-25 (25dB reduction)   I got these in high school, so they're about 12 years old. They never saw any use because I...
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  12. macfly

    FS: 15' Grado Extension Cable

    Great condition; I bought it from a Head-Fi user in 2001, and only used it a handful of times since then. Recently found it in storage...since I have no need for it, I'd love for it to go to a good home! Asking $28 shipped to CONUS.   SOLD
  13. macfly


    Chris did some absolutely stellar repair work on my Minibox-E+ amp. He was thoughful enough to take the time to explain his work in detail as he was troubleshooting the problems, and kept me updated constantly. I'd enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone in need repairs or DIY work on...
  14. macfly

    Anyone up for examining/repairing my Minibox-E+?

    I swapped out the stock opamps on my Minibox-E+ a while back and must have done something incorrectly at the time. Quoting from an earlier post by me: Quote: Originally Posted by macfly I finally got a chance to stop by my dad's to get some soldering assistance. Got the stock AD's...
  15. macfly

    Three Stones MiniBox-E+ - Review of a Humble Sleeper (LOTS of PICs)

    Quote: Originally Posted by acadplotting hi head fier! Be careful with opamp rolling! I tried opamp ad797an 0043 on my minibox. It toasted my IEM. Anybody can advice where to buy this AD8065ar acadplotting, the same thing happened to my Etymotic ER-4P when I swapped out the...
  16. macfly

    Three Stones MiniBox-E+ - Review of a Humble Sleeper (LOTS of PICs)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nirvana1000 Oh one thing that really bugs me about this amp is the 1/8 inputs are not locking the connections!And when i move the amp they come loose and the audio cuts out.Is this a common problem with the Minibox E+? Yep, I have the same thing happen...
  17. macfly

    Three Stones MiniBox-E+ - Review of a Humble Sleeper (LOTS of PICs)

    Hi morfic, FYI I reseated the opamps, but no luck fixing the issue. I don't have a macro lens, so these are the best shots I could come up with. Let me know if a photo from a different angle would be helpful:
  18. macfly

    Damaged iPod LOD

    Buyer decided not to purchase so this is for sale again. I'm afraid I don't know the specifications on the I said above I tried contacting the person who made it but received no response.
  19. macfly


    I bought an iPod LOD from Ian. Transaction was great, he shipped immediately and provided me with tracking information for the package. Would definitely do business with him again!
  20. macfly

    Three Stones MiniBox-E+ - Review of a Humble Sleeper (LOTS of PICs)

    Quote: Originally Posted by morfic there will be sockets under the adapted ad8610, your DIP8 LME goes into those sockets. Exactly the confirmation I needed to go ahead. Thanks, morfic! Thought of one more quick one and I'm good to go: having no soldering experience whatsoever...
  21. macfly

    Three Stones MiniBox-E+ - Review of a Humble Sleeper (LOTS of PICs)

    I actually did order the LME opamps in DIP8 style. Just to make sure I have this correct before I go and remove the stock AD8610 -- dfkt, looking at your photo, the next step would be to remove the DIP8 adapter in your Minibox and simply plug in the LME to the board itself, correct? I'll...