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  1. vinland029

    [REVIEW] AKG K612 - the underpriced underdog

    I myself haven’t been extremely well-versed in writing reviews - but this is an attempt to provide the community with a review on a less well-known headphone, the AKG K612. I settled on this decision since I was looking to experiment more with the open-back sound (most of my cans have been...
  2. vinland029

    UE700 vs Shure SE425 (and changes from UE to Logitech's design)

    Hi guys, just got my UE700 back from servicing. And apparently they replaced the unit with a new one. Personally I noticed a few things: cabling is now flimsier, and it terminates in a right angled plug. Most importantly, the sound bore seems to be longer. Personally I'm not sure if acoustically...
  3. vinland029

    Audio Technica ATH-WS70 review

    Hi guys: I'm actually quite new here but I've been lurking around for sometime. What brought me to head-fi was my need for a portable hi-fi set up (come on who lugs around their component systems). However due to a limited budget i'm often short of equipment. I haven't seen this headphone on...