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  1. AtEase

    The new Strokes single

    I turned on the radio this morning and caught the tail end of the new single 12:51. It sounds a lot like the Cars -- before the singer's distorted vocals came in I was trying to figure out which Cars song was on -- but, thats not a bad thing. The new album is out on the 10/21, I think I might...
  2. AtEase

    UT2003 Demo Out

    Just a heads up for any other unreal tournament fans: ut2k3 demo The demo is in 5 parts of about 20MBs.
  3. AtEase

    Bjork Quiz

    Pluto is your song, just don't play it too loud. You have a lot of pent up emotions, alot of them. You yearn to just explode and let them all out. You're a bit troubled, and neglected, but you will have your time. Dude, You're're MAD! Which Bjork Song Are You?
  4. AtEase

    Quick question about the MX500...

    ... How much sound do these suckers leak?? I need a pair of phones for use at work, and while I thought the ety er6's would be idealm when I brought them in today I discovered they had two problems: They isolate too much; I can't hear anything over the music, which makes it hard for my...