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  1. fbleagh

    Iaudio M5 vs Iriver 340

    Ok guys its coming up to the new year and my new role at work dictates that i will be doing a lot more travelling in the new year. I am looking for HDD based dap that sounds good and has a remote ( too used to the whole remote thing after having my MZ-N1 ) it will be driving ER-4P's...
  2. fbleagh

    Recommended cable ?

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for an appropriate cable to make some new headphone leads for my ER4p's ? also am i better off running two shielded leads per earbud or one dual core cable. hmm the other question is whether its viable to use the cable shielding braid as...
  3. fbleagh

    Xin Ety cable Mod

    In the updated cables there is an image with some much nicer pins used. anyone got any idea what those pins are ? also anyone got any got recommendations as to what cable to use in making these ? it seems like the standard Sennheiser HD 580...
  4. fbleagh

    Fixup's ety cable mod Question

    In the updated cables there is an image with some much nicer pins used. anyone got any idea what those pins are ? also anyone got any got recommendations as to what cable to use in making these ?
  5. fbleagh

    MG Head Transformer

    Jsut wondering if anyone knows the specs of the power transformer of the MG Head. Mine is a 110V version and i would like to convert it to 240V. im just looking for the values of the secondaries Cheers, Fbleagh
  6. fbleagh

    comparitve volume of ER4/ER6/EX70

    Hi guys Im still contemplating whether or not to splurge on the ER4's or not. I currently use a Sony MZ- N1 And i would prefer to use it without an amp on the go. I currently hae the EX70's and they seem very quiet. Are the ety's any e3asier to drive ??
  7. fbleagh

    Ex70's vs Ety's

    hi guys, Just been havin a look at the er6's and they look pretty much like the ex70's. Just wondering if any one has a spec sheet for the ex70's so i can compare impedance etc. Or even better yet a nice review ( including how easy they are to drive, as im stuck with the output from my MZ-N1)
  8. fbleagh


    well my new MZ-N1 sounds great and sounds even better through my TA but i slight problem , you can't set the output socket to be line out when the remote is plugged in and that is by far the easiest way to control the thing. i wanna have N1 --> Remote --> TA --> ex70's or DT770's...
  9. fbleagh

    total airhead power supply

    just quick one guys, i was wondering what is the biggest power supply i can attach to the old TA ? Ive tried 5V at 500ma and that sounds good. I want to try a 6V ext supply ( a battery pack hooked up to the ext power supply jack). is this going to fry the DC-DC converter in the TA ? or...
  10. fbleagh

    Pioneer High End DV-S733A DVD-Audio & SACD all in one

    I know the video on this player is supposed to be great but i am wondering what the redbook, SACD performance is like. any one tried it ?
  11. fbleagh

    Portable music power source

    Hi guys, my current portable setup runs like Nomad JB --> TA ---> Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250) i wanna get a bit more omphh into the system as the TA on 2 AA's loses a bit of the low end etc. i've tried running at 5V and it does sound quite a bit better. I was thinking of using a 12V...
  12. fbleagh

    MG Head Problem

    I have an MGHeadDT and one channel has died Ive traced back and the source is fine and so it the cable. I tried swapping the 2 large tube ( el?? ) and they both work. I opened it up, and couldn'r see any broken connections. the channel thats not working is the right hand and the...
  13. fbleagh

    Total Airhead

    Hi guys, just trying to get a bit more ooomph out of my little TA. Currently running the standard 2 AA's and was looking at amaking an external battery pack for it. Whats the highest voltage i can feed it ?
  14. fbleagh


    Hi Guys, Just a quick heads up. I got a chance to listen to the upcoming LOTR soundtrack. Lets just say that when it cmes out " have a listen" It's damned good there's one peice in track 7 with a large number of french horns that sounds amazing
  15. fbleagh

    ex70 spec's and DT770 q's

    can anyone remember what isolation rating is fort he ex70's ( in Db ) or o\if hey can compare the isolation of the ex70 to the DT770. Also anyone ever tried the Dt770's on a plane or train, dot hey cut out much noise thanks again guys I think i'll go listen to Lateralus now damn thata a...
  16. fbleagh

    AKG's found i australia these guys are the listed distributors of AKG in OZ if anyone is looking.
  17. fbleagh

    MG Head powersupply modification

    Ok i got my MG head today and would like to convert it to 240V rather than 110V. Any ideas on what i need to get changed.
  18. fbleagh

    MGhead DT power requirements

    Just wondering if anyone has used the MGhead DT with a 240V power source ? Mine is the new one with the detachable power cord. -fingers crossed that i dont need to buy a transformer
  19. fbleagh

    Headphone stands - what do you use ?

    I've been looking for some where nice to sit my phones when im not using them. Preferably out where i can see them ( im not spemnding that much money on hd-580's and then put them in a drawer. This is also something that will sit next to my MG-Head that i am ordering next week Ive had a...
  20. fbleagh

    how much will EX70's benefit from having an amp ?

    I was just wondering how much these phones will benefit from havng something like a TA attached to them ? i am thinking of getting on anyways - output off my player is too damned quiet - but any extra justification will help me sleep better at night
  21. fbleagh

    Circumaural Closed Phones

    Does no one make good closed phones anymore ? I want a pair for use on the plane and at work. Because my 580's would annoy to many people at work and it wouldn't block out the noise on the plane. I have a set of EX70's which are great for on the train etc but i want something a bit better...
  22. fbleagh

    NAD CD541

    Just wondering what experiences people have had with this player . I have a old SONY cd player which is getting fixed atm but the NAD 541 just looks too damned tempting. Firstly, what is the headphone jack on this unit like ? I will be using my senn 580's. How does this perform with...
  23. fbleagh

    CDPCX235 - Sony 200 disc changer

    hewo, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with iths player ? I am thinking of purchasing one and using it for a transport. not sure about the dac yet ( that may have to wait until after my holiday ) I love the idea of 200disc's avaliable but if its crap i think i will spring the...