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  1. sillyboi

    Audio Technica A900 help

    hi, i was just 2 seconds away from buying these cans, but i just realized that these cans were a closed system, i was just wondering how sweaty would your ears get? from my experience with the d66 eggo's my ear's get quite warmly yummy inside, so i was just wondering are these headphones good...
  2. sillyboi

    ipod vs. slimx?

    hi, i just want to get some info and compare these two quality wise, yes i know one is a cd and the other is an actual hard drive but what i want to know is which unit has better sound quality? i have the ipod and it is lacking in bass. i also listen to the ipod with the ex70sl without the tape...
  3. sillyboi

    taking apart the ex70

    how do i do it? i don't want to rip something out and find out that i can't put it back in... thanks.
  4. sillyboi

    ipod eq??

    hello, i just bought an ipod not too long ago... and i am quite happy with my choice of going for a 5gb with an isee case but the thing i am wondering about, is that the setting for the "bass booster" doesn't really seem to... hrm... boost anything, my ipod doesn't have the same bass as it would...
  5. sillyboi

    newbie looking for headphones with an ipod

    hi there, i was just searching for some headphones and i stumbled upon to this site, which i can tell is very informative, but anyways... i am a student currently in university and i was looking for a decent pair of headphones to accompany my ipod which i just bought not too long ago! i...