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  1. OneMalt

    Photo editing help

    I have a copy of Photoshop LE. Basicly, I'm clueless. I want to print multiple pictures on one page. I figure it has something to do with layers. I've been able to save an image to a layer but then I don't know how to manipulate it, i.e. move it around and position it on the backround. I'd...
  2. OneMalt

    Grace 901 & Hi-Impedence Cans...

    I've read that the 901 was designed with low impedence cans in mind so I guess it would like my Grados and my CD-3000 (I don't presently own an amp that pairs well with the Sony). My real question though is how well it would match with an HD-600 and HD-650? It may replace a Cosmic Reference...
  3. OneMalt

    Name my wife's new kitten

    OK, my wife has suffered through years of audio purchases without complaint (mostly) so the least I can do is to help her get some unbiased opinions. The kitten below is part of her Christmas presents. She won't be ready to take home for another couple of weeks but my wife went to pick her...
  4. OneMalt

    Stax Pro vs. Normal

    I've seen the outputs on Stax amps labeled "Normal" and "Pro Only". What's the difference?
  5. OneMalt

    Jude - secure site?

    Jude, When will the secure credit card site be up for contributions? I'll bet there are a lot of us just waiting for it.
  6. OneMalt


    Is anyone interested in a Buffalo, NY meet or mini-meet? I'd be willing to host.
  7. OneMalt

    BS&T or Chicago?

    Blood Sweat & Tears or Chicago? I just got done listening to a batch of music by these two all-time great Brass/Rock bands and throughly enjoyed myself for a couple or 3 hours. Who's your favorite? The vocal magic of David Clayton-Thomas and the fact that Mama Gets High is one of my favorite...
  8. OneMalt

    What happened to the Mystery Box?

    Like the title says, has anybody ever figured out where it (they) wound up?
  9. OneMalt

    Michael McDonald does Motown

    I just got Michael McDonald's latest CD, Motown. This album is great! He covers a lot of the great classics and his voice really lends itself to this genre. If you like McDonald or Motown, you'll love this CD. If you like both, then man, it's just gravy!
  10. OneMalt

    I got my DVD-963SA today...

    ...and I'm really loving it with my RS-1s! I started out with Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing (smooth, really smooth) and then went to the remastered version of Roxy Music's Avalon. The detail was incredible. Next, a little Changes from David Bowie and then on to some Forty Licks. I've always...
  11. OneMalt

    Blockhead & RS-1

    Much has been written extolling the virtues of the legendary Blockhead / HD-600 combination. We all know that the RS-1 is "the other" headphone offered with the balanced cable for the Blockhead but I've never seen a word written about them. So my question is has anyone ever heard this pair and...
  12. OneMalt

    McCoy Tyner

    I thought you all might get a kick out of this picture. It's from New York Reunion by the McCoy Tyner Quartet (Chesky JD51) which is, BTW, a very nice CD. The funny thing is that a few months back, I wouldn't have known what the hell he had on his head.
  13. OneMalt

    A.J. Croce

    I heard a tune last nite by A.J. Croce called She's Waiting for Me. Kinda' funny, offbeat lyrics, distinctive voice and some really hot piano licks (sort of a "Dr. John Jr."). Does anyone know this song and whether it's characteristic of Croce's style?
  14. OneMalt

    Cassandra Wilson

    I got a copy of Belly Of The Sun earlier this week and picked up Blue Light Til Dawn today. This is some good stuff! She can certainly put a different spin on familiar material as evidenced by her covers of The Weight and believe it or not, Wichita Lineman. Very nice!
  15. OneMalt

    Scotch drinkers

    A buddy showed up at my place last night with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue...WOW!! Absolutely first-rate (for a blend )!
  16. OneMalt

    Canon in D+

    About 20 or so years ago, I joined a record club (yep, all vinyl) called The Musical Heritage Society. They privately labeled their offerings. Their introductory album was a pressing of the Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra performing selected works of Johann Pachelbel and Johann...
  17. OneMalt

    Day 30

    Today (2/17/02) is day 30 of not smoking after a 32-year, 2-pack-a-day habit. And since they cost about $45-$50 (USD) a carton where I live, I now have a way to finance the serious Headphone-Jones I've picked up since I started hanging around this place! (one habit for another?)
  18. OneMalt

    Do you buy a ton of new music...

    ...every time you get some new gear? I just got a pair of HD600s and an RA-1 (the Blue Clous are on BO). Lovely, just lovely! Last night I went out and scored: Jazz For A Rainy Afternoon (Various Artists) The Look Of Love (Diana Krall) The Best Of The Songbooks (Ella Fitzgerald)...
  19. OneMalt


    Could someone take a minute to eaplain crossfeed in relation to an amp to me? Is there an FAQ? Thanks