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  1. OliverBB

    V-Moda M-100 (Shadow) w bonus /XL pads

    Hi, Currently selling V-Moda M-100 (Shadow color) with bonus XL Pads. VERY lightly used in excellent, like new condition. Comes with all accessories including 2 cables, 1/4 adapter, hardshell v-moda case, port cover, original box, and sticker. Included in price is XL pads with original box...
  2. OliverBB

    Brainwavz M1 vs Visang R02

    I'm looking to see if people can compare the differences between these 2 budget IEM's. If possible The Brainwavz m5 as well.     Just for reference I do have- -MEELECTRONINCS M9- comfy and decent sound but the bass is just TOO much. I like bass but def wouldn't call myself a basshead...
  3. OliverBB

    Ultimate Ears 600 vs Meelctronics a161-Sound Opinions/Differences?

    Can anyone compare how these 2 sound?  I have Klipsch Imamge S4 which I like but I was looking for something in contrast that has more clarity and detail and not so bass heavy. I have been looking at single armature models because of their function and price. It looks like on Amazon the...
  4. OliverBB

    Can anyone campare sound/experiences between Meelectronics a161 vs Ultimate Ears 600/700

    Hi everyone,   Just wondering if people can give some suggestions between these 3 IEM's. I chose these 3 because it seems they get good reviews, are pretty small (plus seem like the type that would be comfortable to me).      I realize that the UE 700 is a double armature but I worry...
  5. OliverBB

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 How much bass?

    Hi,   I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on these headphones. What keeps me hesitant is the bass. I know they are often mentioned as being bass heavy. How much is there? I am NOT looking for that head rattling thump that a lot of people seem to like. For a reference the Klipsch Image...