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  1. AssafL

    Woyzeck playing at UCLA live

    The play (about a soldier who is forced to sell his body to scientific experiments to support his mistress and child and pays with his mind) has music and songs by Tom Waits and was directed by the Avant-Garde director Robert Wilson. The play is currently playing (for 5 more days) at UCLA...
  2. AssafL

    headroom crossfeed yes or no

    I agree with adrzejpw. It depends on what you are listening to. Headrooms processor does not influence recordings that are made with 2 microphones in an acoustic environment - see ma recordings e.g. Calamus the splendor of al-andalous. However, on subpar or average recordings (where you have...
  3. AssafL

    Punch-Drunk Love

    It is interesting that a movie that is so valley (San Fernando) centric will interest those outside of the valley. I worked in a building next to La Petit Chateau (where Sandler ruins the Bathroom), a small french place on Lankershim. Perhaps if you are not from the valley, you would not see all...
  4. AssafL

    Happy Birthday Todd of Headroom!

    Happy Birthday Todd
  5. AssafL

    Does any of this make sense?

    Does anybody know of another Sony product that was manufactured for 12 years??? A TV perhaps? PCDP? Toilet seat warmer? Video game console? I thought the Japanese law required manufacturers to set fire to their design plans every 6 months (in a corporate sponsored bonfire).
  6. AssafL

    Any cooks here?

    My favorite cookware list: Le Creuset for Dutch ovens and enamelled pots and pans (also make Screwpull - the best wine bottle opener I tried) Calphalon for stainless stock pots and non stick pans for omlets and pancakes (although Berndes are better) Mauviel for Copper pots and skillets...
  7. AssafL

    External Battery Pack For D-25

    You will need 6 batteries of 1.5V each connected in series (for 9 Volts). You will need a battery holder (Radio Shack), suitable plug (radio shack) and cable.
  8. AssafL

    Mapletree Ear+ problem? Help Please

    This is the time to start disconnecting circuit sections and testing continuity to ground. BTW, if I were you, I'd find the short and fix it. If you connect to an ungrounded socket and your neutral wire disconnects, you may have the 110V single ended on your headphone ground (not as much fun...
  9. AssafL

    Lets play guess the tweak!!!

    Neruda, These were Fostex full range (remarkable sound for their size). The speakers had tripod legs that were potted in special sand. AssafL.
  10. AssafL

    movie theory I

    Kelly, I agree with everything Markl wrote (especially the fact that you compare the best of 50 years to the last 5). However, even where plain genre is to be discussed, I'd say there is much new under the sun. Only in the past 20 years has postmodernism preoccupied cinema to such an extent...
  11. AssafL

    Lets play guess the tweak!!!

    Speaker stand? Saw vaguely similar stands in Japan (for small Fostex drivers).
  12. AssafL

    New MD portables showdown

    About ATRAC-S From (originally quoting the Sony fact sheet): The two new products MDS-JB980 and MDS-JE780 in the press announcement at CeBIT both adopt the newly developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) IC chip "CXD2664R." The CXD2664R chip has two DSP functions; one is ATRAC...
  13. AssafL

    earphone amplifier

    Is that a bias current meter up front? Also, it has a pushbutton snap action switch (temporary, I think) above the power switch. Mute, perhaps? Anyway, kinda looks heavy to be portable. But it should give you plenty of listening time...
  14. AssafL

    Headroom crossfeed

    I find that it depends on the recording. E.g. MA Recordings use two Microphone capsules to do real stereo field recordings (usually in highly reverberant surroundings as well). In these, diffuse field recordings, CF does not improve imaging and may cause some loss of HF details. Regular...
  15. AssafL

    Want Mono Sound from Stereo

    A regular Y cable may load your source too much. What you need are two identical resistors (about 1k Ohm should suffice). Connect the right output of your source to one resistor and the left output to the other. SOURCE R ____/\/\/\________ INPUT R SOURCE L ____/\/\/\__/\_____ INPUT L...
  16. AssafL

    My CMoy amp (russian variant) :)

    On a more serious note: 1. I would guess Zobel networks are more of a necessity in Loudspeakers due to dips in crossover response. Headphones are high impedance and (usually) should not require a Zobel. 2. Looking at your diagram: Isn't the ground impedance a bit on the high side? As well...
  17. AssafL

    My CMoy amp (russian variant) :)

    Is that a chocolate bar on top of the amplifier? Must keep chocolate warm and soft
  18. AssafL

    Hackers hit RIAA site...

    I see the point all of you are making. There are still a couple of issues that are not explained: 1. The RIAA does not make money. It is the record labels that make the money. 2. Artists need the labels. Specifically the unknown artists. As radio has got the payola system up and running again...
  19. AssafL

    Hackers hit RIAA site...

    Actually, there are other solutions out there, that will fund new and popular music. It is called branding, and it is how television got started. It has relatively few drawbacks. Brittney Spears is now singing about Pepsi. You can imagine a world where songs would be about merchandise...
  20. AssafL

    Cost of replacing a blown speaker diaphragm?

    Are you sure it is the woofer that is blown? It is very unlikely that a woofer is blown without having distorted horribly (when overdriven the woofer diaphraghm noisily hits the edges). Also, in Mid-fi's, the woofer is also the mid-range (and sometimes tweeter), which will cause the distortion...
  21. AssafL

    D25S Question

    Quote: I checked, and the adapter casing unfortunately doesn't fit into the D-25S's battery bay, plus it doesn't have the third connection like the D-9 does for the AA batts. That is an interesting point. The red/orange connector does have a third connection point. Perhaps the...
  22. AssafL

    D25S Question

    Thanks meithkiller, Lead Acid will definitely explain the 2V and the measley 600mAh. Late '80s technology... I agree that the easiest portable source would be a 9V external battery. However, it can't be ignored that using the battery bay would be very convenient. As lead-acid has a...
  23. AssafL

    D25S Question

    Just got the D25S from Silicon Salvage. For me it is a reminder that for some reason portable audio has been left with no high end (or mid fi...). Anyway, I have two questions I hope some of you can help with: 1. Russ Arcuri (in his great review) said that the original Sony Battery is 4...
  24. AssafL

    Which Headphones are best for Toilet time?

    Quote: Our friends, otoh, have those really expensive pressure toilets. They are low flow(I think), but they are like airplane toilets. WOOOOOOOSH. God, even etys wouldn't survive that. Be sure to get off those before pressing the button or they may suck your tongue right out (the...
  25. AssafL

    Who is your favorite violinist?

    What about Menuhin and Oistrach?