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  1. Rumbleripper

    matched pair NOS USAF 596 Rectifier tubes

    Thank you to everyone. All tubes are sold.
  2. Rumbleripper

    matched pair NOS USAF 596 Rectifier tubes

    I have two sets of Matched pair of NOS USAF 596 tubes for sale. I no longer have my Woo Audio WA5 to use these in, having sold it a few years back. I hung onto these tubes because of their great sound and sold a few others I had purchased so that I always had some on hand. I am not going to be...
  3. Rumbleripper

    Cavalli Liquid Lightning Mk1

    Hello. Up for sale is my lightly used Liquid Lightning. I am the second owner of the amp. I have owned it since 2012 and has provided excellent sound out of my Stax SR-009 for these last few years. I have put no more than 200-300 hours on the amp since I purchased it. The previous owner put...
  4. Rumbleripper

    Two JJ Electronics 300B vacuum tubes in boxes

    Yes these were purchased new by me about 3 years ago. I only tested to compare the sound to other 300b tubes. Never used them as I preferred the sound of the Royal Princess 300b tubes.
  5. Rumbleripper

    Two new in box AVVT 32B-SL tubes 300B compatible

    Hey lojay:   Basically because I am not using them at all, and they are just sitting in my drawer. Someone else can be enjoying these tubes. Also want to fund another project I have on the go.   Thanks.   Gaetano
  6. Rumbleripper

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hi Everyone:   FYI I use to own a WA-22 and then upgraded to a WA5 which I was using for my LCD-3's. When I heard of the UE 596 I purchased 10 sets so that I would have them for the future as I knew they were out of production.   I have since updated to a BHSE (on the way, been on the list...
  7. Rumbleripper

    Matched pair of NOS 1942 TUNG-SOL 6SN7GT BGRP

    Hello:   I have up for sale two sets of matched NOS 1942 US Navy Tung-Sol 6SN7 GT BGRP tubes. I have only used one set for about 20-30 hours and the other set just tested.  I have long since sold my WA-22 and WA5 so its time I let these go. These are very rare, hard to find tubes. Would sell...
  8. Rumbleripper

    New Audeze LCD3

    Quote: Hi Everyone:   Haven't posted here in a while, and just read the above post. Well, I have had the pleasure of owning both sets of headphones, the LCD-3's and the 009's at the same time. The 009's I run off of my Liquid Lightning and the LCD-3 were run off of my WA5 that was...
  9. Rumbleripper

    Calyx 24/192 DAC with dedicated Power supply

    Up for sale is my 1 ½ year old Calyx DAC. I am original owner and it is well cared for. Functions perfectly. Reason for sale is that I have upgraded my system.   Buyer to pay for shipping and Paypal fees.   Thanks for looking.
  10. Rumbleripper

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Lightning

    Hey Radiohead:   I use the XLR to the LL from the PWD, so this should give me max volume to the LL. I was unaware the RCA's cut out have the gain, that means the WA5 is much more sensitive that the LL?
  11. Rumbleripper

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Lightning

    Quote: Hey dj:   Not sure what the difference is here. But there is definitely something going on with your setup. I do not believe that our listening levels are that much different. My hearing is not reduced, and have had it tested and tests normal, if not above for my age group (fifty...
  12. Rumbleripper

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Lightning

    Let me know how you find the BHSE if/when you get the opportunity. I know I am looking forward to the chance to listen to it at some point. 
  13. Rumbleripper

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Lightning

    Happy Holidays everyone! Been a while since I last posted on headfi. Been quite busy with work and family commitments. That and thoroughly enjoying my LL/009 rig. Morbid, glad to hear you are enjoying your LL/009 setup! Have you gotten around to getting an Eames chair yet to relax in? Just...
  14. Rumbleripper

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Lightning

    Quote: Congrats on the setup Morbid.   Looks like you will be enjoying the weekend! I know I am loving mine. I am interested in picking up a BHSE on the used market, but that is not because I am unhappy with the LL, just want to compare them and decide for myself. I may actually put...
  15. Rumbleripper

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    Googleli: Congrats on your BHSE and your whole system for that matter. Beautiful to say the least. Let us know how the sound developes over the next 100-200 hours. Enjoy the music and the drink.:) Rumble
  16. Rumbleripper

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    Quote: Hey Athenaesword:   I was initially looking at the Femto, as I really liked the Calyx 24/192. The Femto only had a couple of reviews out that I could find and although very highly praised, were not as reviewed as the other DAC, that and its price and availability kind of ruled it...
  17. Rumbleripper

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    Quote: Always thought the Calyx was an excellent DAC, and I still think it is, but after listening to the PWD, it sounds a bit more "digital" than the PSA offering. When I first got my SR-009's I found them a bit bright (coming from the LCD-3's) and that's when I decided to try another DAC...
  18. Rumbleripper

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    Just recently received my PS Audio PWD II with bridge. It is replacing my Calyx 24/192 DAC with dedicated PSU and it has been burning in since tuesday and without question it is a very musical DAC and a step up over the Calyx which was a very nice DAC in its own right. Haven't tried the bridge...
  19. Rumbleripper

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote:   Quote:   Waiting is always the hardest part when you order new gear but oh so rewarding when it arrives. Morbid I really hope your 009's come in soon, it really has to be awful to wait without music. Please post up your impressions when you get your stax rig in Peter...
  20. Rumbleripper

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Morbid:   Did you get yours yet? I know you were trying to sell your LF and HD800's.   Rumble
  21. Rumbleripper

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: MH:   you will not be disappointed. Recently got the 009's with the Liquid Lightning and the definitely best the LCD-3's/WA5 combo. Looking forward to hearing your impressions of the 009's.   Rumble
  22. Rumbleripper

    WTB Headamp BHSE or DIY T2 for Stax electrostatics

    Hi:   I am interested in the above two amps if anyone has one and is interested in selling please send me a PM and we can discuss the transaction.   Thanks.   Rumble
  23. Rumbleripper

    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Quote: States shipping is $179 to Canada,not sure about the States, or international.   Quote: It is a very comfortable chair, and for these types of chairs $1000-1500 is about the usual. The original Eames lounge chair can be purchased here:  ...
  24. Rumbleripper

    SR009 / WES / BHSE / LL hit the mainstream

    Quote:   This is what we really need more of. Head to head in good listening environments.   Looking forward to your impressions, googleli.   Rumble