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  1. Majin

    FS/FT Sony MH1 & Xiaomi piston 2

    I got 2 pairs of Sony MH1 for sale (one with Sony Ericsson logo and one without) both are in good condition, no accessories.   And   1 pair of Xiaomi piston (gold) barely used but it got some small spots of white paint on the housing, wont affect sound. Also no accessories. SOLD   I...
  2. Majin

    Small comparison of AWEI ES800M (Best bang for buck)

    My first review/comparison so excuses for the bad review/comparison This is more of a comparison thread, since there are other threads reviewing most of the IEMs i'm going to compare.     I will be receiving the Sony MH1 very soon   So here we have it another bang for buck IEM, it's...
  3. Majin

    Xeport 5010

    I am looking for a pair of Xeport 5010 and i am willing to pay $15 for it (incl. shipping)
  4. Majin

    Shure small black silicone eartips

    Looking for a pair of Shure small black silicone eartips pm me if you got them for sale
  5. Majin

    New Xears IEMs with flat cable

    I fell in love with the TD-III cause of their warm and full sound, they might not do well with constant mid bass sound but heck they only cost €38 incl. shipping   New Xears IEM with flat cable to prevent cables from tangling up (like Beats by Dr. Dre IEM). They should be availble within 2 -...
  6. Majin

    Brainwavz M2

    I've had these for 3-4 months and are still in good condition. You can offer me anything (money, iem, headphone, amp, tf10 cable)   can upload pictures if required
  7. Majin

    Which IEM are reshell-able?

    Are all armature IEM reshell-able? If not does someone have a list of reshell-able IEMs.
  8. Majin

    Xears Turbo Devices TD II BLK?

    Did anybody try out the Xears Turbo Devices TD II BLK they look like the Xears TD100 and kinda like  the Xears TD-III but do they sound the same? Cause if they do then i am going to buy them.