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  1. charlie875578

    Sennheiser HD 700 + FiiO Q1 Mark II

    Has anyone tried this combo? Is this amp capable of driving these headphones? I know it's not going to be anyone's top choice, I'm just thinking of picking these up for cheap and I want a decent amp for now as I know somewhere in storage I have a Schiit amp/dac and having this more portable...
  2. charlie875578

    BW P9 vs Denon AH-D7200

    Thanks for the response. I can order the P9 and return those if needed but i can't find the 7200 available anywhere near me to listen to. I'm definitely looking for something musical and not analytical. Are the 7200 significantly more demanding amp wise??
  3. charlie875578

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs Bowers Wilkins P7

    I should mention I am also intrigued by the HiFiMan HE-400 and AKG Q701...In anyone wants to compare any combination of these 4. Yet everytime I feel like I want to pull the trigger on one of these 2 I read something that makes me hit "clear cart." "The Q701 have no bass impact and are good for...
  4. charlie875578

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs Bowers Wilkins P7

    I don't have the ability to test the Philips Fidelio X1. I'm looking at these two as a HP for mainly home use with some travel use (not so much using on a plane/car, rather a over ear that doesn't require a full amp rig to get enjoyment. Most of the listening will be Concert DVDs, Netflix...
  5. charlie875578

    Upgrading My Bowers Wilkins P5

    I have some P5s that I use mostly for travel, gym but I find I'm using them for home use much more than I thought I would when I bought them. This has me wanting to upgrade to something nice to use for home only and just continue to use the P5s at the gym and when I'm on the go. I like the sound...
  6. charlie875578

    Bowers and Wilkins P5

    Hey thanks for the great response. I, too, have been interested in the p7 but they seem like they may be slightly bigger than what I wasn't in a portable headphone...although I love the way they look and sound
  7. charlie875578

    Bowers and Wilkins P5

    I've heard one person say these have noise transfer when you move around in them, I forget what the term for this, where the cable rubs and it's transferred to the listener. Can anyone comment on this? I've only heard this from one person, being a "portable" hp I would find this kind off hard to...
  8. charlie875578

    VModa M100 Pics

    Appreciate it. Totally forgot to check Youtube. Actually a big fan of his videos and the perspective he brings.
  9. charlie875578

    VModa M100 Pics

    Does anyone have any picture of know where I can find pictures of VModa M100's being worn. (Yes, I've seen a few on Google Images, etc). Just trying to see some different angles and such. Trying to decide between Momentums, M80, M100's as a gym/on the go HP. May end up falling back on Shure...
  10. charlie875578

    Headphones with Denon D5000 like sound

    Hey thanks man. Very interesting, indeed.
  11. charlie875578

    Do I have to buy a AMP for K702 65th?

    Yea you could do a Fiio e9. If you want/need more you can get a e07 or e17 which can hook up to the e9 and provide more power as well as being a dec.
  12. charlie875578

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    How do the HD600 sound with classic rock, guitar solos, etc. When properly amped do they provide some power and enjoyment or are they more analytical? Compared to say the Denon D5000...
  13. charlie875578

    Do I have to buy a AMP for K702 65th?

    Yea if any headphones need an amp, those do (and many others). A lot of people would name off amps that are $500+ but you will hear a difference even with a $100-$150 Fiio, or iBasso amp/dac. You could also look into some Schiit amps.
  14. charlie875578

    Headphones with Denon D5000 like sound

    What headphones have a sound signature similar to what the AHD5000s had (bassy, warm headphone with great mids and fairly bright treble. -citing MalVeauX). I've been told the Mr Speakers Mad Dog with Alpha Pads.  What I would ultimately like is something that is maybe a little "better" than the...
  15. charlie875578

    Cheapest Amp to Drive HD600

    Yea that M&M stack is something I've been looking into quite a bit the last 24 hours. I feel more confident now to see it mentioned here.
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  17. charlie875578

    Denon AH-D7000 Appreciation Society

    How do the d5000 and 7000 compare to the new d600s? I had to sell my d5000 and I miss them every day. Looking to buy some new denons
  18. charlie875578

    Headphone noob looking for headphones

    The audio technica M50 is a good choice, you can find it in a limited silver look our a cool all white, both of look more "street cool" than the standard black.
  19. charlie875578

    Which of these headphones are the best for me...

    is the e17 good enough for the Hd600's? I'll admit my knowledge of amps lacks behind my (limited) knowledge of other audio equipment...
  20. charlie875578

    Which of these headphones are the best for me...

    They just had no wow factor to me. I felt like the SR80s sounded no better than the apple earbuds.
  21. charlie875578

    Which of these headphones are the best for me...

    They would need to be amped correct?
  22. charlie875578

    Which of these headphones are the best for me...

    I need to get a pair of headphones. After much research on this site and others, I almost feel even more confused (perhaps not surprising because sound is so subjective), but I'm going to post asking for your opinions anyways. These headphones are going to be used for music listening only (and...
  23. charlie875578

    Selling Denon AHD5000's

    Thinking about selling my Denon AHD5000s. Love them, just don't use them too much anymore. Still have box, they look new, What do you guys think is a fair price for something like this? May throw them on the Bay and there aren't any on there right now for me to kind of gauge the market...  ...