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  1. nogi replicant

    WTB: LCD4

    Looking for an LCD4 in good condition. $2KUSD net to you. I will pay shipping and paypal.
  2. nogi replicant

    SOLD: FS or Trade: Abyss Phi + CC pads for your LCD4 or Susvara

    Selling my Abyss Phi CC's. The set is an OG Abyss, upgraded to Phi drivers, with CC pads. This is the Lite version and comes with the original box with all accessories (original cable etc). Price includes Express International shipping and paypal. This set is in good working order, however...
  3. nogi replicant

    SOLD FS: Effect Audio Leonidas II cable 2 pin 3.5mm

    For sale is my mint condition Effect Audio Leonidas II cable 2 pin 3.5mm. Comes with all original packaging. Phenomenal cable in terms of sound, aesthetics and ergonomics but I am selling to fund a Formula S amp for my newly acquired Abyss headphones. Price includes PP and international...
  4. nogi replicant

    SOLD: Hugo 2 + case (incl Global Shipping & PP)

    Price Drop Selling my Hugo 2 + tan leather case Selling to fund an amp for my newly acquired Abyss Phi CC. The Hugo 2 is a couple of years old (not sure exact date). I traded it for my Sony wm1z a while back. Has one or two minor scratches on the headphone end (shown in pictures and only...
  5. nogi replicant

    WTB: XI Audio Formula S (Black)

    Looking for a Formula S (Black). PM me if interested. Cheers.
  6. nogi replicant

    WTB: superconductor cable for Abyss (1/4 inch)

    Looking for a Superconductor cable for my Abyss. 1/4 termination. Cheers.
  7. nogi replicant

    WTB: LCD-4

    Want to buy an LCD-4 in excellent condition. Have $ or can trade for chord M Scaler. Pm me to discuss Thanks.
  8. nogi replicant

    For Trade: Chord M Scaler Black + SOTM BNC's

    For trade or sale my mint Black M Scaler. Sale price - $3850USD (includes paypal and international shipping) Reason for trade is that I have to setup my rig (M Scaler and DAVE) and then pull it down each night as I have little kids and no suitable location to have this expensive gear out all...
  9. nogi replicant

    FS or Trade: Focal Utopia + Danacable Lazuli Ref cable + Focal Case

    SOLD. For Sale or Trade is my Focal Utopia + 10ft Danacable Lazuli Reference (1/4 inch Furutech Plug) + Focal Case Price includes paypal and international shipping I am the first owner of each of the items Will ship with all original packaging and the original Utopia cable Trading only because...
  10. nogi replicant

    SOLD: Dita Dream + bonus PW Audio no5 cable (PayPal and int shipping inc)

    SOLD my mint Dita Dream’s. Note that I am including a Dita Truth VDH Replacement cable (silver), with Awesome plug (3.5mm SE and 2.5mm balanced). I am NOT including the Dream cable (which is also a Truth VDH silver). According to Dita these two cables should sound the same and are made of the...
  11. nogi replicant

    ISO: Woo Audio WA8

    Looking for a WA8 in excellent condition. Please PM me if you have one you are willing to sell. thanks.
  12. nogi replicant

    SOLD - Add withdrawn for the time being: Dita Dream

    Mint condition Dita Dream, less than 2 weeks old. $1400 includes PayPal and shipping. Includes box and all accessories. Incredible earphones but decided to stick with my Tia Fourte, and sell my other iem's to buy some full sized cans.
  13. nogi replicant

    SOLD Dita Answer Truth

    FS: Dita Answer Truth. In perfect working condition. Some minor scratches as visible in picture. Includes tips. No box. I can include an alternate carry case I have used. Price includes PayPal and shipping worldwide.
  14. nogi replicant

    WTB Sony WM1z

    I am looking for a wm1z. Please PM me if interested. thanks.
  15. nogi replicant

    SOLD AK380 (black) + 380amp (black) + tan Aesopica 380 case + black Aesopica 380+amp case - cost includes paypal and shipping. Or trade for a Sony wm1z

    SOLD *** Price Drop *** $2,300USD (all inclusive) - reduced from $2,750 FS: Limited edition black AK380 + black 380 amp + tan 380 Aesopica case + black 380+amp Aesopica case. Price INCLUDES PAYPAL AND SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE. FT: Would trade for mint Sony WM1z Includes the original red 380 case...
  16. nogi replicant

    SOLD FS or Trade: Final Lab II

    SOLD. Mint Final Lab II for Sale: - includes paypal and shipping to anywhere. I would also trade for the following in mint condition: - 64 Audio U18 - Obravo EAMT-1c/a The Lab II's retail for $4,000USD, but may very well be sold out everywhere. The Lab II are incredibly transparent with a...
  17. nogi replicant

    FS: Noble Katana. Inc Int Shipping.

    FS: Mint condition Noble Katana. Price includes International Shipping.   Includes original box, pelican case, and all original accessories.   Purchased Oct 2016.   Phenomenal iem's, selling to fund a pair of EE Zeus XR Adel's. I have tinnitus so have decided to try Adel tech.   Thanks.
  18. nogi replicant

    FS:Noble K10UA - includes Int Shipping

    FS: Mint condition Noble K10UA. Price includes International Shipping.   Includes original box, pelican case, and all original accessories.   Purchased mid 2016.   Selling to fund a pair of EE Zeus XR Adel's. I have tinnitus so have decided to try Adel tech.   Thanks.
  19. nogi replicant

    Dita Truth for sale - int shipping included - price drop

    For sale is a used set of Dita Truth's.   Price includes international shipping and PayPal.   Included are the iem's, and all tips. I do not have the original box or carry cases. I can include an aftermarket carry case that I have used with these.   There are some nicks in the paint on the...
  20. nogi replicant

    for sale: ATH-IM03 iem's

    ### PRICE DROP ###   Price includes international shipping.   Have used the iem's for approx. 40 hours.   Includes all accessories and packaging.
  21. nogi replicant

    Dita Answer Truth edition

    I am after a like new set of Dita Answer Truth Edition. $650USD + shipping.   Thanks for reading.
  22. nogi replicant

    Final Audio Design Lab 1 - Int Shipping Included

    I am selling my FAD Lab 1's.   Incredible iem's, that really need no introduction. Only 150 made. Reluctantly selling as need cash as the wife is pregnant with baby number 2.   I am the first owner of this set of Lab 1's and bought them from Addicted to Audio in Australia in August 2014...
  23. nogi replicant

    sennheiser ie800

    SOLD.   Selling my ie800's to fund a new DAP.   Price is $450 AUD - includes paypal fees and shipping in Australia. PM me for international shipping price - buyer pays.   I have had these since early 2014. I really like them A LOT, but I am selling these and my customs to fund a Calyx M to...
  24. nogi replicant

    [AUS] Toxic Cables Silver Widow

    Selling new Toxic Cables Silver Widow with about 40 hours on it.   terminated with 2 pins connectors and Oyaide Rhodium straight plug.   $340 AUD incl paypal fees and shipping in Australia. PM for international shipping cost - buyer pays.   There is a long wait for Toxic cables and the SW...
  25. nogi replicant

    [AUS] UM Merlin + optional Toxic Cables Silver Widow cable

    I am selling a set of UM Merlins.   I am the first owner. Purchased about 12 months ago. Merlins have 2 years warranty. I have put about 150 hours on them.   Price is $430AUD (Merlins + stock cable only) includes paypal fees and shipping in Australia. For international shipping PM me - buyer...