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    K-702 vs. HD-800 Blind Test...on my girlfriend

    It's funny, I have the exact opposite reaction from people who try the 800s, no casual listener ever seemed to like the 6xx series, but the 8xx really catches on
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    Which current full size reference cans have the most accurate tonality with acoustic instruments?

    It all depends. The fidelity of unaccompanied music is more often than not ruined by some doofus in the studio, so you're better off just using a pair of HD650s most of the time that mask recording flaws and stupid noisy cuts. If you don't mind living with recording mistakes, the HD800 are...
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    What is the first song you play when you get new cans?

    I go to shuffle tracks on my playlist and have a cup of espresso
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    Suddenly all 'new and better' dynamic headphones cost $1000+

    I disagree with the thread starter High end headphone rig cost 5 years ago: Top of the line Meridian player $4,000 Top of the line headphone amp $3,000 plus dynamics $500-$1,500 -OR- Sennheiser Orpheus $??? Total $7,500 - $15,000 depending on choice of dynamic or electrostatic High...
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    Scared... just ordered Sennheiser 600s... should I have gotten 650s?

    Anyone expecting impressive sound from an HD 600 who doesn't have the better part of a house down payment committed to their amp and source will be disappionted. Same with the HD650, and essspecially so with the HD800. If you like forward aggressive sound with that kind of equipment buy...
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    AD900 vs. dt880 vs. k601 (gaming)

    Save buying higher end DT8xx / AKG K6/7xx series headphones for when you have several grand in associated equipment... don't waste your money without the necessary associated equipment. Don't buy in little steps... save your money for the big time.
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    If you could only own ONE headphone forever, it would be _____?

    I'd own the timelessly classic HD600s, or Beyer DT250-80s, it's hard to decide... the DT250-80s are nostalgic to me, they got me started, and would surely survive nuclear winter they're so durable!!
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    Is the HD800 overpriced?

    The HD800 is underpriced. Too many people spend 75% of their budget on the HD800, and then complain when it sounds bad on their unimpressive amp and source. The headphone only works for audiophiles that have a dead black, neutral amp with mega articulation & frequency extension, a really good...
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    Sennheiser HD800: Spray Painted Plastic and the New Acid-Washed Jeans.

    I'm sure that they chose plastic for a reason! To my ears, the HD800 sounds better than the orpheus, I've heard them both, and the Orpheus with a really really really good source (Meridian GO8) playing absolute sound stuff and some deutsche grammophon recordings of various symphonies. I'm...
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    Looking to expand my CD collection! Input needed!

    Davey, Added! jilgiljongiljing, I'll look into those.
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    Looking to expand my CD collection! Input needed!

    Hey all, I decided to start building a killer CD collection - I'm starting virtually from scratch. I budgeted $250 this month to purchase really great recordings of great music of any category. I need everyone's help as I am running into problems finding recordings mastered at a level that's...
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    dallan, I couldn't agree more! ...... I can make my 800s sound flat, harsh, bassless, and unemotional but I have to downgrade to one of my poorer sources
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    Decay problems eh? I have no problem with the HD800's blackness in between notes, that's normal in a dry hall... a recording in a wet hall sounds rich, but for example Glenn Gould's Goldberg is nice and dry with a coupla early reflections, just like the venue. Blackness is commonplace...
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    HD800... unemotional?
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    The HD600 doesn't hold a candle to the HD800 on mega rigs - although both headphones are solid performers. I used to proudly own the HD600 / 650, but the HD800 is the new standard.
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    which headphone gave you your first EARGASM

    Beyer DT250-80... still a classic
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    All right, guys. I have heard the HD800s sound bassless on some equipment which I will not name out of respect. I currently listen to them on headroom amps and DACs. They have earth shattering lows on this equipment. All of my friends, audiophile and non audiophile, disagree about...
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    Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1

    That's too bad about the bass. It sounds like the T1 is something that competes with the HD800 for neutrality& detail, but the HD800 has the slickest fastest deepest low end I've ever heard, no coloration. Perhaps it's the amp they demoed the T1 on?
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    The Inherent Value of Burn-In

    I hear subtle changes in the sound of a piece of equipment over the first month or two of listening, but it's mostly probably my ears adjusting to it, sadly. I do get better dynamics if my equipment's been running for a while - components perform better in a certain temperature range...
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    Beagle, I've made every basshead I know go crazy over the HD800, they clearly dominate the HD650 in terms of low end extension and accuracy. The HD800 trounces subwoofer bass tests. I think I can guess at why you're having difficulties with the bottom: consider that Sennheiser went to...
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    The HD800 is a "you are what you eat" headphone. It's not a sound for everyone, but it's the best pair of reference cans I've listened to. For those that want a neutral sound they're hard to beat.
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    Does having tinnitus mean no more headphones?

    I have permanent, very noticeable tinnitus in my right ear in a room with ambient noise below 50dB. I also have reduced hearing in the 4-8KHz range in my left ear. I have "violinist's ear" if you will. Years of spending 8 or more hours a day in a practice room with an instrument that emits 103+...
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    Can HD650 be used with ipod

    The 650 is kind of a waste of money if you're not planning on spending a ton of money in the future on amp and source upgrades. Especially with a portable source that lacks a dedicated line or USB out. Anything above PX 100 or SR 60 will reveal source flaws with any ipod, amped or not. Unless...
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    Does DT 770 PRO need an amp?

    I used to own the old DT770s. They really need a good amp. They sound lifeless and murky without one.
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    Dynamic Top-end Headphone

    I'd start with the 800s... I haven't auditioned a lot of the other high end stuff, but the 800s would be a good ballpark anyways if you're going to demo them before buying. From there you can go in a different direction if you don't like 'em.