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    No Woodies Were Harmed During the Shoot

    Those are bragging rights if there was ever bragging rights.
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    Westone UM1 Review w/ G5 60GB iPod to come...

    Just an FYI: I splurged for the first time in almost 2 years on some new gear. My 3G iPod died this past week (battery won't hold a full charge for over 30 seconds), so I figured it was a great time to upgrade. I'll be picking up my 60GB G5 iPod tomorrow & I ordered the Westone UM1's from the...
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    earphonesolutions 20% off promotion? debating between the UM1 and the UM2 made me wait until today, and now that iloung coupon has expired Any other working 20% off coupons? I won't be able to purchase without that...thanks!!
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    Awesome person to deal with. Sold him a few discs of mine and everything went perfectly smooth. Highly recommended to trade with!
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    FS: HUGE DVD + CD List! Lots of great movies & CDs, take a look!

    BUMP to make my proposal night very special
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    I sold Kevin some CDs of mine and he was excellent to deal with. Very friendly & quick w/ the payment. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again!
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    mbriant was excellent to deal with. Fast payment & great communication, highest recommendations!
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    FS: HUGE DVD + CD List! Lots of great movies & CDs, take a look!

    Hey everyone...please feel free to make ANY bundle offers. I'm pretty apt to accept
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    Daniel L

    Sold a few discs to Daniel L, he was quick to reply and quick to pay. Great communicator and very friendly. An awesome new member to the boards! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him at any time in the future
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    FS: HUGE DVD + CD List! Lots of great movies & CDs, take a look!

    Stuff is leaving me daily...toss me some offers!
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    Sold my MG Head MkI/OTL Amp & Tubes to Robertwaller. PMs were very quick, money order came quicker than expected, everything was perfect. Highly recommended trader
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    Sold gsferrari a Metallica - Black Album DVD-A; he paid promptly and it was a pleasure dealing with him
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    Wireless network card for mac?

    Quote: Originally Posted by cello Hey everyone, just moved into my new apt in Brighton, MA, and I need to get a wireless network card for my G4 mac. I tried the D-Link DWL-122 USB adaptor, and it sucked. Does anyone know perhaps of a good wireless network adaptor, or perhaps whatever...
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    New etymotic phones!!!!

    zachary80, thanks a bunch! Very nice, I think I could swing that...can't wait 'til they come out
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    New etymotic phones!!!!

    WOOHOO! Some earbuds to replace these Sony's for my iPod! Thanks for the update Ety man BTW, if it's allowed, may I ask what the suggest MSRP on these will be when they're released in July? I'm saving my pennies as we speak
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    NBA Finals Thread!!

    Congrats Pistons!
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    Girlfriends Birthday is nearing HELP

    Quote: Originally Posted by KYTGuy Some years ago, I found myself in a similar situation, and I decided to hand write, on plain paper, a recounting of the special moments we had enjoyed, and my thoughts about us, and our future. I tried to use my best hand, and sometimes wrote only a...
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    The headphone hobby is new HT setup...

    Quote: Originally Posted by kartik Having spent about $5000 on my headphone based rig, I would beg to differ with the idea that headphones come cheap. And I'm using the SR-325s which are only ~$300. Headphone amp: $400, SACD player $1500, Analogue source: $1440, Phono preamp: $400...
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    Girlfriends Birthday is nearing HELP

    Never go the "flowers" route unless it's your ONLY option. They'll work, but ehhh...the REAL DEAL is something PERSONAL! Take an example: my girlfriend is a Tolkien & LOTR FREAK! She loves the stuff and knows every inch of the story, etc. Well for our 2-year anniversary I had about $300 to...