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  1. b0ck3n

    Audio component chain question

    I'm wondering if those educated can help shed some light on this.   In an audio component chain, source > DAC > amp > headphone, what carries through to the next stage, and what is bypassed? Say for instance that the source, a CD-player or DAP, has 0.05% THD and the amp has 0.005%, are all...
  2. b0ck3n

    Some Whiplash TWag V1 Cables Turning Green (Split from JH13 Appreciation Thread)

    So the TWag is 100% silver and never turns blue/green?   Quote:  
  3. b0ck3n

    Looking for good, trusted US website for purchasing Westone ES5 customs

    Hello Head-Fi,   I'm currently on the hunt for my very first custom IEM, and I'm very curious about the ES5s. There is a retailer here in Sweden, where I'll audition the earphones in question next week, but they charge outlandish prices. The ES5 is $1800, custom art another $250 - in other...
  4. b0ck3n

    Getting into Porcupine Tree - what albums to get first?

    Hey guys,   I've been listening to Opeth since forever, definitely one of my favourite acts, and I really loved the impact Steven Wilson had on Deliverance and Damnation. So I figured I'd try some Porcupine Tree, and started off with "Fear of a Blank Planet" 'cause I'd heard great things...
  5. b0ck3n

    What else sounds like Horror Show by Iced Earth?

    Hey guys! A few weeks back I was loading my Iphone and decided to dust off my old Horror Show cd and I was astounded by how great it is! I've listened to all Iced Earth albums, save for The Dark Saga, but nothing else they've made comes close. So I'm wondering if anyone can point out some...