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  1. MirandaX

    Sarah McLachlan: Live Acoustic EP 2003

    Does anyone know if this "album" is going to be released as an actual CD? Right now it seems to be exclusive to the Apple iTunes store, but there are various press releases online saying that it is going to be an iTunes exclusive for only 30 days, starting October 21. Does anyone know if this...
  2. MirandaX

    does anyone else prefer KSC-35 to Grado 225?

    I haven't posted in a while, but now that I've had a chance to try the Grado flat pads, I have a confession to make.... I've realized that I prefer my Koss KSC-35 to my Grado SR-225, regardless of whatever pads are used on the 225. I know this sounds strange, and I have trouble believing it...
  3. MirandaX

    Alternative to ART DI/O?

    (This isn't an April fool's posting, BTW.) I just ran across a new DAC that might be a really good match for computer users, and perhaps others as well. The Waveterminal U2A uses exactly the same 24-bit D/A chip as the ART DI/O (the chip is from AKM Semiconductor) as well as the same sampling...
  4. MirandaX

    Grado, Sony, W100 brightness & amp impedance

    Recently I've noticed a trend on this board recently about low impedance cans. Kelly and Flumpus' review of the W100 mentioned that the W100 was harsh, but folks with the Earmax Pro haven't noticed that. Hirsch has said that with the majority of the tubes he's tried (but not all) in the Melos...
  5. MirandaX

    Melos SHA-1 on Audiogon

    This just appeared in the last 24 hours:
  6. MirandaX

    Two headphone jacks on Melos SHA-1

    I've heard two stories about the headphone jacks on the Melos SHA-1. Some people say that they're identical, while some say that one's designed to drive low impedance phones and the other's designed for high impedance phones. Who's right? If the jacks are different, is the low impedance one...