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  1. InsTwin

    Help Me Decide Next Upgrade

    Hi all, Recently decided to sell a bunch of my entry headphones to try to move a bit more into mid-fi, I'm coming from the AKG K7XX, HE400i, and TH-X00. I like the TH-X00 but the sound was never quite full enough for me, I think I just really like the way planars present music. I had been...
  2. InsTwin

    Help me with my next upgrade (headphones)!

    Thanks for checking in!   First of all, I currently have a Modi 2 and Magni 2 Uber powering a set of AKG K7xx's, pretty basic intro set up that I've enjoyed for quite some time, but I can't help but want more than what the K7xx is currently offering me.   I've been looking around and I've...