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  1. Bobby C

    Good closed phones for around $50?

    Hi, We need to buy a set of headphones for a niece newly off to college who wants to listen to music but not roommates. Several years ago I bought a set of Sony MDR-V6s for my wife - she loves them at work but they seem to be a bit too pricey for this gift. I haven't been following phones...
  2. Bobby C

    WTB: Sony Classic PCDP

    Hi - My trusty old D-10 is working intermittently in my office rig, time to replace it. I have a D-25S, I'd love to find one of those again or something similar. I'm not interested in a $100+ unit, it doesn't get played that often. Anyone want a D-10 for parts or fixin' up? My guess it doesn't...
  3. Bobby C

    FS: Stuff

  4. Bobby C

    FS: Stuff

  5. Bobby C

    D-10 playing problem

    I love my office setup, a Sony D-10, a McCormack MID (5wpc) amp, Twisted Pair Designs cables, Etymotics (ER4Ps) phones, and a pair of efficient Omega TS3 speakers when I need them. All has been well for quite awhile, but earlier in the week, I put the D-10 on pause mode when someone came in to...
  6. Bobby C

    Etymotic earphones and tinnitus

    I sit on vibrapods to minimize the problem....
  7. Bobby C

    Etymotic earphones and tinnitus

    You can get a SPL meter at Radio Shack, but I don't think that would help with measuring the output of the Etys (or any phone, for that matter). I use it with my loudspeakers for placement, etc. I agree w/ Jessica - getting an amp will allow you to hear more details at lower volume. Problem...
  8. Bobby C

    Etymotic earphones and tinnitus

    I've got tinnitus, I have to be careful with all headphones, but I find that with my Ety's, I need to be even more careful. For whatever reason, I've had the tendency to play that at a level that exacerbates the tinnitus. That being said, I can play them at low enough levels where they sound...
  9. Bobby C

    My new pride and joy! (tube headphone amp)

    Beautiful. I now think you should move on to a new amp project and sell me this one
  10. Bobby C


    Good job - looks nice & clean!
  11. Bobby C

    READ THIS and get a superb headphone for $16.99

    When I was a kid, we called this a monkey pile - everyone jump on. OK, I'm on.
  12. Bobby C

    d-25s on ebay

    Won a similar bid last week from these guys for $35.50 plus $6 for shipping. Should get it by week's end. They have many of these so I wouldn't be desperate, but if you're in the market, these will eventually dry up....
  13. Bobby C

    FS on ebay: a Sony D-25s, less than 30 min.

    Dawg - that's me at $35! Let's not create too much interest.
  14. Bobby C

    More META42 pics

    beautiful man
  15. Bobby C

    Comfort of aftermarket HD 580/600 cables

    I've read through many posts regarding the sound characteristics of various Senns HD 580/600 cables (Clou, Equinox & Cardas), what are peoples opinions of the comfort factor of them? While it is agreed that the stock cable leaves much to be desired in terms of sonic qualities, my concern is that...
  16. Bobby C

    Help ease my pain...

    Yesterday I had arthroscopic knee surgery and I was looking forward to it in order to clear our some torn cartilage and also to give me some quiet time to listen to some tunes. I also wanted to give a closer listen to my new JMT META42, so far I had loved it with my big rig (Goldmund CDP, DH...
  17. Bobby C

    Finally got my JMT built Cmoy!

    FCJ, No, I didn't bring the META with me when I went to RS. JMT let me know what size the plug was should be & I got the appropriate adaptaplug to go with the unit. Course if I had brought it I probably wouldn't have got the wrong thing to begin with .
  18. Bobby C

    Newbie: ER-4 vs. other high-end cans

    Tough choice. I use both options, each has their strength. I go through phases where I travel a fair bit and the Etys are an absolute must for that - great isolation. But when I'm home, I usually don't want that much isolation, so I use my 580s with a JMT META42 amp - built to run off of 2 9v...
  19. Bobby C

    Calling all Ety owners

    My ETYs are used for travel & work exclusively. The isolation & detail are superb, but it's too much isolation for home. My wife (who also loves phones) goes crazy when the ETYs are in at home, communication just doesn't work. Plus (despite my best attempts to fry a new JMT built META42), my...
  20. Bobby C

    WTB: Markertek mini-mini & Cardas

    Hi, I'm looking for a Marketek mini to mini (stereo) cable & a Cardas replacement cable for the HD600/580. Thanks, Bob
  21. Bobby C

    Headphones and airplanes

    Hey FCJ, Sorry about that sound leakage comment. Absolutely, I've never had sound leakage from my ETYs, just doesn't happen. What I was referring to was sound seapage from the outside world into my ears w/ the ETYs in. If a kid is really yelling in back of me, I can hear it w/ my ETYs in, but...