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  1. flowza

    What happened to the Darth Beyers?

    I was just browsing my across the Head-Fi forum and then I noticed someone saying that Darth Bayers were the kings of bass and that they are one of the best headphones. They rarely speak of the Darth Bayers now? How are they in terms of sound quality? Are they a better basshead hp than pro 900...
  2. flowza

    Looking for Sub 250 amps + dac

    Hi, I'm looking for a sub $250 amp and dac which will compliment and work with the Ultrasone Pro 900's. Thus far I have narrowed it down to these: 1. Schiit Modi and Magni combo 2. Schiit Modi and Bravo Audio Ocean tube amplifier 3. Schiit Modi and Vali 4. Audio-GD NFB 15.32   Feel free to...
  3. flowza

    Looking for suggestions on a new headphone + amp

    Hello Head-Fi,  Newcomer here. First off, let me start by saying I'm no audiophile, I have almost no experience in headphones and amps. I currently am using a JBL J88 which may break any second now. I have only used it for like 2 months and the audio is okay but the materials used in this is...