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  1. morethansense

    Cheap custom IE8 cables [My first DIY cable]

    So, due to me recently being disappointed by an "upgrade" cable purchased on eBay, and my severe reluctance to dole out more dough on cables than the AUD$160 I paid for this set of in-ears, I decided to build my own. How hard could it posibly be, right? I hope I'm not breaking any rules...
  2. morethansense

    Sennheiser IE8: Dard (Dark?) Lord Telfon (Teflon?) upgrade cable [REVIEW]

    I recently bought a budget (the cheapest) upgrade cable for my Sennheiser IE8s because I was annoyed at the non-integration of the moulding wire into the IE8 stock cable. The detachable ear-hooks provided no support for me and were annoying as heck. People think the Shures are annoying, they...
  3. morethansense

    Denon AH-D510

    First Impressions (Pre burn-in) I bought these headphones for a reasonable pair of cans that I could throw around/in my bag and not worry about them if I'm in a rush on my way to uni. I set my budget myself to at AUD/USD$100, and obviously wanted both durability as much fidelity in my audio...