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  1. kalbee

    Review by 'kalbee' on item 'Chord&Major Major6'13 "Ballad"'

    The Major 6 was one of the older models in chord&Major's lineup that has been revamped into the Major 6'13, inline with the Tonal Earphone series design principles. While it looks identical to the other models in terms of design, it hides a few improvements under its sleeves. If you're...
  2. kalbee

    Review by 'kalbee' on item 'HiSoundAudio E212'

    Alright, to be fair they did also say "best IMEs under USD 100"... okay, I shouldn't be mean and nitpick on typos. We all make typos.   This will actually be my second review write-up from a hisoundaudio review chance. Grateful to Jack of hisoundaudio for opening these positions! The previous...