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  1. peterbres

    Panasonic sl-ct570 question

    Tina--does the place you found have a website in English? If so, please post the address
  2. peterbres

    Panasonic sl-ct570 question

    I've heard several good things about the panasonic sl-ct570 (on this site and elsewhere) and am looking to buy one. I came across a review that mentions an asian model with a better remote, optical out, and possibly other features not included with the american release. Sure enough, I found a...
  3. peterbres

    beyer dt250-80 question

    What would your recommendation be for a good portable (without an amp)? We both seem to feel the same way about the dt250-80s and I see in your profile that you have similar musical tastes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Peter