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  1. Lokip000

    385 Audio Wooden Headphones

    Bought these headphones on sale and they do look very nice, and they sound OK.  I go them for 70 bucks, but I would not pay anywhere near 200 dollars for these headphones.  They broke after about 2 weeks of use so I returned them.  Then I bought the 385 ETZ In Ear headphones, basically no bass...
  2. Lokip000

    Bose AE2 - Any good? (No mindless Bose bashing, please)

    The Bose AE2 are very good headphones, and surprisingly well priced.  They arnt 300 dollars or 200 like the some of the OE2, I got mine for 129.  A very good price for how clear these sound. Most products are over priced but these are a diamond in the rough.  Although my Noontec Zoros do sound a...
  3. Lokip000

    Aspiring Audiophile

    Hello everyone, I just came to finally joining head-fi, as i go on it nearly every other day.  I dabble more in the headphone field of being an audiophile.  I have a Sony 909ip just for parties and bumping decently loud music.  I know ill be shunned for not having a system that was assembled...
  4. Lokip000

    Koss Portapro Thread

    I have a Krammer Mod pair of Koss Portapros that I stuck into the Howard Leight L0F Earmuffs that I painted Mahogony.  Still the same great sound, and actually a little better I think.  Its spaced out a little from your ear so the bass so overpowering, but it is very apparent ;P.  Im aware this...
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