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  1. fotomeow

    Nordost Cables & MORE: ICs/PCs/SCs: Blue Heaven,Red Dawn,Frey,El Dorado,Purple Flare, etc

    ALL CABLES ARE IN EXC CONDITION, I BOUGHT ALL OF THEM NEW FROM AN AUTHORIZED DEALER, & ALL CABLES ARE THE LATEST MODELS (unless otherwise noted below) **Most cables come with the Original Nordost box, see pics for example. I loaded about 20 images, but they didn't post. Contact me for images...
  2. fotomeow

    Audeze EL-8 (Closed) Mint Recent Production

    I have a Mint/New - pair of closed-back EL-8s for sale. I have acquired too many pair of high end cans the last few months and need to let some go to thin the herd. I originally got some EL-8s Closed from my local dealer but they had the "Black Box" Syndrome So I sent them to Audeze and...
  3. fotomeow

    SOLD Audeze LCD-3 Fazor model, Exc+, Fees Included

    SOLD+++ Hey folks- I have an Exc+ condition pair of Fazor LCD-3s for sale. If you buy at my among price, I will pay for the PayPal and shipping fees for the Continental US. Outside the US, we would have to discuss. The SQ of these cans speak for themselves. Selling due to low funds in my...
  4. fotomeow

    Nordost Frey 1/2 meter XLR IC/Interconnect, Exc Cond

    SOLD!!! I have for sale: a Nordost Frey IC/interconnect in Exc condition Length: This is the 1/2 meter model that is 25" from top to bottom with the 3" long heavy-duty XLR connects at both ends. Price includes PP fees and shipping for the continental US Thanks Gary
  5. fotomeow

    HiFiMan HE-560 HPs

    SOLD! I have a pair of HiFiMan HE-560 cans for sale. I bought these 2-3 months ago from another HeadFi-ear. He had received them as a gift, but owned many cans, so he just Demo'ed the 560s and sold them to me. You can even see in the pics that just above the actual headphone on the...
  6. fotomeow

    Wanted: HiFi-Man HM901 DAP

    Looking for a regular 901 DAP. I have amp cards, so its ok if no cards come with the 901. Moving up from the HM 650 DAP. Imperfections are OK. thanks Gary
  7. fotomeow

    Newbie here: Needs DAC for AKG K7XXs: Suggestions?

    Hey folks, Well, due to life circumstances I've been kind of pushed towards cans, as I have no room or place for my hifi home audio get up. A gent who is pretty well known in the DIY community suggested I look at the AGK K7XXs for a heavily reduced price on MassDrop. I read up on them and made...