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  1. Bossatiger

    iPhone 6 Space Gray 16gb Unlocked - W/Mophie Juice Pack Air - FREE SHIP

    Up for sale is an unlocked iPhone 6 Space Gray 16gb. It is about 9 months old and purchased new from the Apple Store. It is overall in good condition, with signs of wear from light daily usage. The phone works perfectly. Please refer to the pictures in the imgur...
  2. Bossatiger

    Adam A7X - Like New

    Up for sale is my pair of Adam A7X active near-field studio monitors. They are in like-new condition, not a single blemish or scratch. They function flawlessly. I am the first owner and purchased them from an authorized retailer. They come with their original boxes, booklets, and power cables...
  3. Bossatiger

    Bang & Olufsen Beosound 8

    Feel free to make offers, I would prefer to sell to Head-Fi people rather than eBay
  4. Bossatiger

    DAC/Amp for T5P with RCA out for Monitors

    So I just got a pair of T5Ps and I'm looking for a decent Amp/DAC unit to drive them. The Amp/DAC must also have RCA out so I can connect them to my monitors. Since the T5Ps are low-impedance and very efficient, I would like a low impedance headphone output without too much power. The sound...
  5. Bossatiger

    Beyerdynamic T5P vs Fostex TH-900

    They are both around the same price, fostex being a bit more expensive. I'm looking for a high end closed back driven without a dedicated amp. I have narrowed it down to these two. My focus is on comfort and sound quality. I want something on the neutral side but smooth/non fatiguing. Comfort...
  6. Bossatiger

    Sony MDR-MA900 - Like New - Free Shipping

    Up for sale is a pair of Sony MDR-MA900 headphones. Like-new condition, no issues at all, not a scratch. Comes with what’s pictured, part of the original box (don’t have the cover) and the headphones. One of the most comfortable headphones ever made. Price includes CONUS shipping. I will cover...
  7. Bossatiger

    SOLD AKG K550 - Very Clean - Free Shipping

    Purchased for $262.78 from Magnolia Hi-Fi a little less than a year ago. $150 is cheaper than eBay. Very clean, only minimal, unnoticeable paint wear at the edges. Used for probably 120 hours and then put away.  I will include the original box and manuals. I do not  have the 1/4 adapter. Price...
  8. Bossatiger

    HD650 Sennheiser (mint)

    For sale is an HD650 that i purchased about 2 months ago. Very very rarely used, so you basically can't tell the difference between this pair and a brand new pair. Used with an audioquest dragonfly, well cared for. Maybe 20 hours on it? Probably hasn't even been broken in yet. Comes with the...
  9. Bossatiger

    Logitech UE900 IEMs - Sealed Brand New In Box

    I have a sealed brand new in box Logitech UE900 IEM.  They are still in the sealed factory plastic wrap. $320 paypaled is FIRM and includes shipping as well as paypal fees. I'm not interested in trades or other offers of any kind. $320 is lower than the current lowest BIN price on eBay. I don't...
  10. Bossatiger

    SOLD thank you

    iPod has been sold, take a look at my other two amps!
  11. Bossatiger

    Logitech Ultimate Ears UE900

    Sold, thank you for your interest.
  12. Bossatiger

    Small Amp/DAC for HD800

    I'm looking for a small-footprint "transportable" Amp/usb-DAC unit that will pair will with HD800s. Budget can extend, but I would love to keep it under the $1000 mark. Currently I am looking at: Woo WA7: Tube amp, very beautiful with a 32/192 - $900 (a little on the pricey side) ALO Pan Am...
  13. Bossatiger

    B&W Bowers & Wilkins P5

    off to eBay at 0.99 no reserve
  14. Bossatiger

    GR07 + D4 Mamba + iPod

    iPod Classic 160gb (2nd rev) > iBasso D4 "Mamba" > VSonic GR07 I approve of the combo's synergy and performance. VSonic really needed a boost from the D4 Mamba (even if easy to drive). iPod headphone out jack is absolutely terrible - flattens soundstage, bass rolloff, slightly harsh highs with...
  15. Bossatiger

    What have I done...

    Oh god, what have I done I just placed an order on a pair of HD800s in blue and white from Colorware. I thought it was an amazing price since the painting is practically free. Recent HD800 price hikes (due to the release of th HD700s) have pushed up to $1500 and Colorware shipping cost me a...
  16. Bossatiger

    Price check on W4

    Sorry if this doesn't belong in the right forum.    What would be a reasonable price to pay for a used but like-new condition Westone 4 IEMs? All accessories are included. I have the opportunity to snatch them up from a friend but I'm not sure how much I should offer.    Thanks in advance.
  17. Bossatiger

    B&W P5 Upgrade Cable alternative

    Did some Google searching as both my P5 cables have been worn up. I found what looks to be a decent cable. Looked up a forum or two and they mentioned a "Marantz PEC/P5 cable" which led me to this. Some more quick searching and I found the Japanese (It's Japan Amazon!) Amazon page for the PEC/P5...
  18. Bossatiger

    Reasonable upgrade from hd600

    So about 6 months ago, I sold all my stuff and downsized to just the HD600 and a Schiit Asgard (picked up in total ~$700 back from wasting so much money on headphones). I'm looking for an upgrade around $800 that will work with the Asgard somewhat well.   Or I could sell the Asgard and...
  19. Bossatiger

    Can extreme volumes damage iems?

    Just got my gr-07s in the mail, plugged them into my ibasso D4. I did not notice that the software volume was at 100% and I left my amp at 100%. Played a song, whicih blasted my ears pretty badly. My ears are now okay after two days (temporary hearing loss) but I'm wondering if such high volumes...
  20. Bossatiger

    IE8 dissapointing

    Heard the IE8, wasn't wowed for what my friend paid.   The overall signature seems to be mid-bass centric lacking in treble extension (it's there, but no sparkle, not as clear as cheaper alternatives). Soundstage is excellent. Or maybe it was something to do with my fit. How does the IE8...
  21. Bossatiger

    Dropped my SR80s

    I one day dropped my SR80s which have taken a beating over the years and now there is a "worse" sound in the right ear cup. It sometimes gives a faint rattle on low bass notes, and there is a loss of detail in the high end. It is also significantly quieter.    Is there any fix or do I have...
  22. Bossatiger

    Mod to improve HD25 comfort

    So I am getting tired my HD25-1 II Adidas for their clamp. I have been trying to find ways to improve comfort ever since I got them some months ago. I have had no luck and so I ask you guys  is there anything I can do to mod the pads or clamping force?    On an unrelated note,   I did...
  23. Bossatiger

    What should I do with my AD700s

    I bought my ATH-AD700s awhile back (4months+) and have burned them in but I still don't like them.   They are extremely comfortable but they don't sound that good.   Super bright and lacking in bass. Midrange is slightly recessed. Soundstaging is superb but instrument separation is...