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  1. sillyboi

    FS: ipod earbuds

    i have a sealed package of ipod earbuds for sale i got them when i bought the remote for my 5gb, it's going for 20USD, i might pay for shipping depending upon where u live, please pm for details, pics are at hand, i will post some up later. thanks.
  2. sillyboi

    audio-technica headphone help!

    yup... nothing much there... i just checked... thanks tho.
  3. sillyboi

    audio-technica headphone help!

    oh yes i also have a cmoy amp premade so i will play music amped from my source.... =)
  4. sillyboi

    audio-technica headphone help!

    hi i was just wondering if anyone could give me some reveiws or sites to reviews about the audio technica headphones, i currently have the d66sl eggo's i bought a month ago from Audio Cubes and i am very pleased with them, but i only want to use them for street use or outdoors use... and i was...
  5. sillyboi

    headphones help!

    hrm... thanks for the replies i think i am going to order the eggos today... the audiotechnics look awesome and i do have rather large ears which would be good... but i bought the ipod for portability and i guess the portablilty of the sony's are unbeaten compared to the at's =)
  6. sillyboi

    headphones help!

    i have an ipod... and i don't really plan on buying an amp if not necessary... and i was looking into the Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Art Headphone or the sony eggos.
  7. sillyboi

    headphones help!

    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me understand some things about headphones before i buy the wrong headphones. I've been reading that sennheiser's hd580's and hd600's are better suited for classical music (correct me if i'm wrong) and then there are other brands like beyer and grado (not...
  8. sillyboi

    amp for hd580's

    does anyone else have the same options as Sovkiller? if so i might look into the beyer's i was really looking for just any full sized headphones that are light and comfortable... and i my budget for a pair is no more then 180USD and i still have the unclarity of the amplifiers and if my home amp...
  9. sillyboi

    amp for hd580's

    i was also wondering what's the difference from a headphone amp and a receiver for your home system? i mean... i see the head room amps for about 200 dollars.. but couldn't i just use my home receiver?? my budget i guess would be determined after i understand what the differences are between...
  10. sillyboi

    amp for hd580's

    hello, i was just wondering if anyone can tell me what is the best amp i could get for the hd580's? i don't have the 580's yet but i want to do a price estimate for myself to see how much i should save up. i really like to listen to fast bassy music and i've been reading that you need an amp to...
  11. sillyboi

    ex70's turned yellow, cleaning help!

    like the header said..... my white ex70's are turning yellow.. the cords and the earpiece... i can tell because i remember when i got them the cord/earpiece was the same color as the plastic center piece that seperates the headphones into left and right... does anyone know how to clean them? or...
  12. sillyboi

    headphones to sleep in??

    hi, i was just wondering what kinda of headphones/earphones would you recommend to get while you are sleeping? i have a white pair of ex70 but i like to sleep on my side... and so it drives the earbuds against my ear and it really hurts... are there any comfortable headphones for the side...
  13. sillyboi

    hoontech digital bracket 3

    selling a rarely used digital bracket for the soundblaster soundcards, this was my alternative to the audigy platinum. make me an offer please. here are the specs: <BR><BR>
  14. sillyboi

    ipod eq??

    oh well thanks for your replies!!! my ex70sl's should be in tomorrow!! i hope the bass on them is better ^_^
  15. sillyboi

    FS:MDS-JE630 minidisc deck

    i have this minidisc deck for sale, it's in mint condition, used no more then 10 times... right after i bought this deck i bought the sony r900. please give me a decent offer... thanks for looking!!
  16. sillyboi

    newbie looking for headphones with an ipod

    well i just ordered the white ex70sl's i don't think i will go with the ety's since i am kinda a care-free person and i don't want to damage a 120USD dollar earphone hehe thanks for all your replies!!! i will definitely try the mod when i have breaked in the earphones! thanks all!!
  17. sillyboi

    newbie looking for headphones with an ipod

    hrm... but the thing with the er-6 that draws me back.... is that the earpieces i hear wear down after substantial amount of use... and i also live in canada, i've phone around all over town to the good stereo shops and the closest dealer of ety's was like 5000000 miles away hehe... but what is...
  18. sillyboi

    newbie looking for headphones with an ipod

    hrm... okay i guess i won't get an amp... but the main concern is the difference between the ex70 and the er-6's... so are the er-6's really worth 3 times the price of an ex70(modified)? or should i take it slowly and not just right into professional earbuds? =)
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