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  1. MajinWu

    NuForce uDAC2 amp + dac

    Had this for over a year and never had problems with it. Upgraded to a new setup so selling it now.   In good condition with little signs of wear. Works and sound great as it's a pretty solid little piece of hardware. Includes usb cable.   Asking $50 shipped CONUS. Amazon payment...
  2. MajinWu

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones with Beyer Velour Pads (Coiled)

    Upgraded to a new setup so I'm selling these now.   The pads are from Beyer DT250 and feel awesome. Overall condition of the headphone is excellent. Will come with the pleather pouch and a 1/8" to 1/4" plug adapter. I don't have original packaging but will ship it with good padding.  ...
  3. MajinWu

    WTB: Yulong U100 or Audinst MX1

    Looking to buy a Yulong U100 or Audinst MX1 to go with my HD600s.
  4. MajinWu

    WTB: Yulong U100 or Audinst mx1 or (Fiio E9 + E7) or (Fiio E9 + E17)

    Looking for these amp + dac combos to go along with an HD600.   Want to upgrade from my M50 + NuForce uDAC2, which I'll be selling soon or can trade if you're interested to downgrade.   Thanks!
  5. MajinWu

    WTB: Sennheiser HD600

    Looking for a HD600.   Want to upgrade from my M50 + NuForce uDAC2, which I'll be selling soon or can trade if you're interested to downgrade.   Thanks!
  6. MajinWu

    Cheap ( $30 range or under) earbuds? (not IEMs)

    Was looking through the daily Newegg deals and saw MX160 for $8 free shipping:   What are some other options for cheap...
  7. MajinWu

    SOLD: Yuin Pk2 earbuds. Works, but needs re-wiring/coating

    I have a pair of Yuin Pk2 earbuds. Unfortunately they're not known for being durable, and the left earbud's wire has a ring of missing coating. They still work, but I've had to be extra careful not to damage them further. The cable plug also is loose from the wire coating, and I had to put some...
  8. MajinWu

    Need headphone suggestion. Equipment: Nuforce uDAC-2 & Fiio E5

    I'm getting back into the head-fi business after a 2 year hiatus. I've so far gotten a Nuforce uDAC-2 for use out of my laptop, outputting to Klipsch 2.1 Promedia speakers. I also decided to buy the Fiio E5 on eBay just because it was so cheap. My friend has the same setup and his speakers...
  9. MajinWu

    WTB: Noise Canceling headphones

    I'll be traveling a lot for business and need a pair of noise canceling headphones. Thanks Heat: [ ]
  10. MajinWu

    FS: Echo Indigo notebook PCMCIA soundcard

    Used it for almost 2 years. The volume dial is gone sadly, but the ghetto twistie tie mod adjusts volume nicely. You just need an extra hand. SOLD Pictures:
  11. MajinWu

    FS: AKG K81dj

    AKG K81dj. Pretty much cosmetically new. Comes with everything retail (1/4 adaptor, leather pouch, plastic box). SOLD! Head-fi: ebay: heatware...
  12. MajinWu

    FS: Red Creative Zen Micro 5GB

    Fully functional Creative Zen Micro, 5 GB. Filled with songs, but you can always format it. Had it for a little over a year. Comes with USB transfer cable, charger cable, and extra battery. SOLD Head-fi: ebay...
  13. MajinWu

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT 250-80

    Good condition with small flaws: The headband has small tears (see pics) Non-smoker. Bought them two years ago from another head-fier. Does not have 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor, unfortunately. SOLD Head-fi: ebay...
  14. MajinWu

    Older iPods able to use new search function?

    Is the search feature exclusive to only the 5.5G iPods? Or can the older 4G or 5G iPods get a firmware update to use it? How about the Nanos? Thanks!
  15. MajinWu

    WTB: Audio Technica A900LTD!!! (long shot, I know)

    Must cave in to the pressure. Must give in to the light. Must fast for a week. Refs:
  16. MajinWu

    Church Fundraiser: modded A900, PocketAmp, Whole PC Rig

    I am a recent Christian (just got baptized this Sunday after being exposed to Christ for 1 year). My church is Crossroads Church of Atlanta, currently located in Swuanee, GA. It’s a Presbyterian church and part of PCA. We’ve been a strong supporter of Axxis Missionary Network for almost 7 years...
  17. MajinWu

    FS/FT: 1 hour-old Shure e3c

    Ok, canalphones are definitely not for me. My ears just aren't meant for them unfortunately. They are almost brand new. All sleeves have been washed and disinfected with soap water. Never used the foamies. Comes with everything (sleeves, foamies, case, booklet, warranty paper, even the blister...
  18. MajinWu

    WTB: Sub $100 Amp

    I'm using an AV-710 with a pair of Audio-Technica A900's. Needless to say I need an amp with the line out. Any included rechargable 9Vs, power supplies, interconnects are welcome too My feedback:
  19. MajinWu

    About amps with RCA inputs

    Do amps perform better when plugged through the RCA inputs? I'm not sure whether I should get an amp with RCA inputs or just a Line-In. My AV-710 uses a Line-out, so I would need to get an RCA adaptor which would probably degrade the sound.
  20. MajinWu

    AudioTrak Prodigy 7.1: how does it compare to the EMUs and AV-710?

    I'm debating about changing my current AV-710 out. I recently got a pair of A900s and they sound underpowered coming out of the 7/8 jack with hi res mode enabled and Foobar set to upsample to 96000hz with 24-bit padded to 32-bit. I learned that I need an amp to help the card out, but then I...
  21. MajinWu

    AV710 High Quality (7/8 output jack) + Klipsch 4.1 headphone out = amp?

    I just got my A900s a few days ago. First I tried plugging them directly to my Chaintech AV-710's high quality output jack (the black one called 7/8 jack) and used Foobar to play at 96000hz and 24bit padded to 32bit with Kernel Streaming. It sounds very anemic compared to the normal output jack...
  22. MajinWu


    Excellent seller. I bought a clean new pair of Audio Technica A900 headphones from him. They came quick and professionally packed. Very nice and quick with PMs. MajinWu seal of approval!
  23. MajinWu

    FS: Koss KSC-35's

  24. MajinWu

    What sounds better, Sony V6, KSC35, or Sharp HP-MD33

    I can't stand my new roommate's music or ceaseless self-boasting, so I'm looking for a nice way to escape all that noise. Anyways I need some cans that isolates well and sounds good. Currently I have KSC-35's and I used to have a Sony V6, so I'm familiar with their sound. I kind of like the...
  25. MajinWu

    AV710 High Sample Mode + Splitter cable = bad idea?

    Hey guys, I really love the sound quality coming out of my AV710's digital out using high-sample mode (96Khz) with foobar2000 with kernel streaming, high resampling, encoding (the works from Mr. Radar's Installation Guide). Unfortunately this supports no higher than 2.1 systems. I'm using...