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  1. beni

    Sweetest looking car EVER!!'s a gorgeous car but hard to put in the same class as a Viper since it'll cost ~$40,000 more than a Viper. Should be similar performance though and a lot prettier.
  2. beni

    CONFUSED: $100 range? hd280/dt231/hd497/hp890?

    I'd recommend a pair of Sony V6 or 7506 phones with the Beyerdynamic DT250 replacement pads. You can get a used pair with new pads for under $100 and they should be great for all of your requirements.
  3. beni

    Best buy bouncers. . .

    you actually have to walk out of the store before you've broken the law, not past the last POS terminal. also, for your reading pleasure: bestbuysux . Comments from both employees and customers. I personally only shop at best buy anymore for stuff that I'm going to use temporarily and return...
  4. beni

    Jack in the Box...Wha?

    Quote: Originally posted by jlo mein I just went to Jack in the Box on my vacation to Portland... I GOT A SEATTLE MARINERS JACK ATTENNA BALL!!! very snazzy.... I have about fifty of those...I like the sourdough combo. I'll sell em to you cheap. You guys don't know what...
  5. beni

    Awesome budget component alert

    Quote: Originally posted by eric343 Whoa! lotsa fellow Seattle headphiles are coming out of the woodwork (You guys are all coming to the WoH tour, right? Good.) My current favorite local dealer is Hawthorne Stereo, which is a totally cool little shop that's packed to the ceiling with...
  6. beni

    brain transplant micro speakers

    My ears hurt like hell for at least a couple of weeks when I was learning how to put in my Etys too...I think that's pretty normal. Believe it or not, the Etys really don't go that deep into the ear least not unless you have the custom molds. Beyond that, there's nothing you can...
  7. beni

    Advice wanted on upgrading laptop sound

    Yeah, I should have mentioned that. I have a dell CPxJ laptop that I use to watch DVDs with my ksc-35s and the sound quality is pretty darn good. I wouldn't use it as a main listening setup for music, but for casual use the built-in sound is fine. You'll probably want more though since this will...
  8. beni

    brain transplant micro speakers

    are you drunk? (just curious)
  9. beni

    Advice wanted on upgrading laptop sound

    If headphone listening really is your primary concern and not finding a toy to use with your stereo, why not just find a decent CDP and headphone amp instead of trying to use your notebook to do it? As a good example, I just picked up a Sony NS500V player for $160...combine that with an MG head...
  10. beni

    Best price for etys, where and how much?

    Oh, I believe it alright. He forgot to take his etys out of his pocket at least twice when they went through the washer. On both occasions he just changed the filters when they came out and they were fine. Amazing little things, these earphones are.
  11. beni

    Awesome budget component alert

    Quote: Originally posted by Tuberoller Update: edit: there is a switch on the remote and an indicator on the front panel,but again the actual switching takes place via an on-screen menu.How stupid is that? That big red LED on the front of the player is pretty easy for me to...
  12. beni

    Sometimes I think you guys are the only ones that care. . .

    I have a ukelele from when I was really little and my 2-year-old son found it in a closet at my parents' place and started playing (with) it. He now knows the "my dog has fleas" tune for tuning the strings, although when he says it, it comes out more like "dog-a-pease". Oh well. He's adorable.
  13. beni

    Awesome budget component alert

    FYI, I picked up one of these at Circuit City for $159 a few days ago. It was marked at $209 but rang up $50 cheaper. So then I spent $45 on the first two SACDs of my soon-to-be library.
  14. beni

    FS: Sony D25S with power adapter, mint Cosmic with Traveller bag

    I'm looking to sell my headroom traveller bag since I just sold my cosmic. It's something like $130 new, so I'm asking $90 shipped. It's in perfect condition. I'll trade for a panasonic ct570 or outlaw PCA interconnects, but nothing else. PMs or emails are fine for contact. thanks, Beni
  15. beni

    Ety Protest Demonstration

    that was just a joke...anybody dumb enough to take a drill to a pair of etys deserves whatever comes of it.
  16. beni

    Ex70's vs Ety's

    Quote: Originally posted by fbleagh hi guys, Just been havin a look at the er6's and they look pretty much like the ex70's. well...urine looks pretty much like lemonade, too...
  17. beni

    Ety Protest Demonstration

    just drill a hole in the back of the cylinder and find out. Be sure to let us all know the results.
  18. beni

    ER4S, comfort

    Quote: Originally posted by pdc The sound is very good, but I can hear the cord when I move. Any suggestions for that? Don't move. As far as the silicone tip comfort, if you keep wearing one pair for awhile it will get a lot softer and will become comfortable. It just takes...
  19. beni

    Whats good for LOUD surroundings?

    The ER4x series all block out the same amount of noise as each other. They're the exact same earpiece and driver; only the cord is different.
  20. beni

    Whats good for LOUD surroundings?

    heh...get some rock concert loudspeakers, crank them up to 140dB or so and turn them upside-down over the lawn. They'll mow it by lighting all the grass on fire. It might not look great, but the grass sure will be short and you'll enjoy the music for 30 seconds until you go deaf.
  21. beni

    FS: Nice Onkyo / Cambridge Soundworks Home Theater Setup

    I'm selling my home theater system. This is all in perfect condition. I bought the amp brand-new (refurbished) and the speakers were customer returns that I bought from, which is Cambridge Soundworks' storefront. The system consists of: Onkyo TX/DS-676 Amplifier. 85Wx6, Dolby Digital...
  22. beni


    I think a lot of the reason they sound bigger than they have any right to is that they're so light that you forget they're on after about 30 second. I had a similar experience of "whoa - I really get the whole concept of the sound now" when I got the 100 ohm fixup cable for my 4Ss. The whole...