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  1. SpyCam

    Portable over-the-ear headphones recommendations needed

    Hi, few years ago I bought my wife these: Audio Technica ATH-ES55 Type: Dynamic Driver: 40mm, Neodymium magnet Frequency Response: 10-25,000 Hz Maximum Input Power: 1,000 mW Impedance: 34 ohms   She's using...
  2. SpyCam

    Smartphone + Amp in everyday out of home use: pls share your experience

    Well, many of us own smartphones and many of us like to take our music/sound with us but we want it to be as lightweight, portable and autonomous as possible. Some of us do not like IEM's and prefer full size over the ear headphones that usually don't get enough power from smartphones to get...
  3. SpyCam

    Custom cable for Sennheiser HD580, HD650 needed. Some cash for you

    I have Sennheiser HD580 and HD650 headphones and I am currently looking for a custom cable. I need custom cable for portable MP3 player to listen to MP3 songs. For this purpose I do not need the highest quality expensive copper or silver cables as they won't make sense anyways. Yet I want a...