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  1. Large4mat

    SOLD - HeadRoom Micro DAC Latest Version

    SOLD     -Minty Condition -HeadRoom Box and APS Power Supply Included -$175 Shipped -US Buyers Only Please
  2. Large4mat

    FS - HeadRoom Micro Amp

    -Minty Condition -HeadRoom Box and APS Power Supply Included -Never Left My Desk -$175.00 Shipped -US Buyers Only Please
  3. Large4mat

    WTB: HeadRoom Micro Stack Bag

    Please PM me condition and price....... Thanks
  4. Large4mat

    FS: Ray Samuels Audio Hornet M-SOLD

    SOLD -Excellent Condition -Comes with Charger and (1)-Battery -US Buyers Only -PayPal or USPS Money Order Accepted for Payment
  5. Large4mat

    FS: Sennheiser HD-600 Grills - SOLD

    -LNIB -$25.00 shipped to CONUS -I accept PayPal and USPS money orders -US Buyers only please
  6. Large4mat

    FS: Sennheiser HD-650 Cable - SOLD

    -Minty -SOLD -I accept PayPal and USPS money orders -US Buyers only please
  7. Large4mat

    FS: AKG K271 Studio

    SOLD -Minty -Original Box -I accept PayPal and USPS money orders -US buyers only please
  8. Large4mat

    Ibasso D3 Python - SOLD

    I had the case of this amp/dac bead blasted to match my Mac. It comes with the stock black case, (unopened), and warranty card, (purchased 11/12/2008). It also comes with the pleather carrying bag, and mini to mini cable. Will ship in original box. US buyers only please. I accept PayPal...
  9. Large4mat


    Brett purchased an amp from me and paid instantly...... Overall, a great transaction.
  10. Large4mat

    FS: HeadRoom Bithead Clear

    SOLD Excellent condition Build date of 3/1/2006 No cables or manual I accept USPS money orders or PayPal for payment US buyers only please
  11. Large4mat


    kostalex bought an amp from me. He paid promptly and was very good to deal with. Recommended!
  12. Large4mat

    FS: Stefan AudioArt Equinox Cable for AKG K271s---SOLD

    Like new in original package.....6 foot long with 1/8" plug and 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor. Money back guarantee if not as described. I accept Paypal and USPS money orders for payment. SOLD
  13. Large4mat

    IC: Grado HF-1 #206

  14. Large4mat

    WTB: Sennheiser HD650

    Looking for a nice pair.......PM me with price. I prefer to pay with PayPal.
  15. Large4mat

    FS: AKG K701

    I have for sale a mint condition pair of AKG K701's in the original box.......................SOLD
  16. Large4mat

    WTB: HeadRoom MicroAmp

    Title says it all. PM me if you have one you are looking to get rid of. Can pay cash through PayPal. Also have a HeadRoom Total Airhead and Dell DJ 20 Gigabyte I would be willing to trade for the above.
  17. Large4mat


    sdgserv purchased some headphones from me. His payment was as promised and overall it was a nice transaction. Recommended.
  18. Large4mat

    FS: AKG K501 - Mint in Box

    SOLD OK, I tried them.........Not my cup of tea. I ran them ~ 100 hours to break them in. Shipped price is to the lower 48 only. US buyers only please! I accept PayPal.
  19. Large4mat

    FS: NEC CDR-601 Multispin 4X

    Very nice condition. Comes with (1)-disc holder. $38.00 shipped to the lower 48....(this thing is heavy). US buyers only please. I accept PayPal.
  20. Large4mat

    HeadRoom GigaBag FS

    Brand new, Black, Never Used.......Includes All Velcro, Strap, etc.........SOLD
  21. Large4mat

    Dell DJ20 LNIB

    SOLD I have for sale a Dell DJ20 in like new condition. I bought two of these thinking that the second one would get used. Instead, it has been sitting in a drawer on it's first charge. It has all the original accessories and original box. I want $155 shipped for it to anywhere in the lower...