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  1. beni

    FS: Sony D25S with power adapter, mint Cosmic with Traveller bag

    I'm looking to sell my headroom traveller bag since I just sold my cosmic. It's something like $130 new, so I'm asking $90 shipped. It's in perfect condition. I'll trade for a panasonic ct570 or outlaw PCA interconnects, but nothing else. PMs or emails are fine for contact. thanks, Beni
  2. beni

    FS: Nice Onkyo / Cambridge Soundworks Home Theater Setup

    I'm selling my home theater system. This is all in perfect condition. I bought the amp brand-new (refurbished) and the speakers were customer returns that I bought from, which is Cambridge Soundworks' storefront. The system consists of: Onkyo TX/DS-676 Amplifier. 85Wx6, Dolby Digital...
  3. beni

    D25S for sale

    I've got a mint-condition D-25s for sale. I got it to use with my home stereo, but I've decided to go with a unit with optical out so that I can save money on an interconnect. I'd like to sell this for what I got it for - $50 shipped. I don't think these are available anymore on ebay through...
  4. beni

    WTB: Sennheiser MX-500 or Koss KSC-35

    I'd like to buy a pair of either of these headphones. I can't find a local dealer that carries either one and I can't decide whether I'd rather have the extra portability of the senns or the better sound of the kosses, so whichever one i'm offered first (or at all) will be the one I'll take. I...
  5. beni

    FS: PortaCorda

    This is a really nice unit...I just need to eat more than I need the amp. It's in perfect condition and has a brand-new battery in it even. $150 shipped. thanks, Beni
  6. beni


    Holy cow! I ordered carry-out from pizza hut tonight and needed something to drink, so I got a 2-liter of mountain dew. I don't normally drink caffeine but they didn't have anything non-caffeinated there (thanks a lot pepsico). ZZZZZZZZZZing! I am seeing sparks and i think my hair is standing...
  7. beni

    Radio shack pads for grados

    What's the part number for the radio shack pads that fit the grado sr60? I'd like to try the comfy mod on a cheap pair of pads to see if I like the change before I do it on the $15 genuine grado pads. thanks.
  8. beni

    FS: Grado SR-125s

    Would like to get $115 shipped, or would trade for two pairs of SR-60s. I'd consider something other than SR-60s, but they have to be good portable phones that will work well out of a sound card headphone-jack. The SR-125s are in perfect condition except that we can't find one of the pads...
  9. beni

    Thoughts on digital cables/outputs

    Ok...I just drove from Seattle to San Francisco and back (~12 hours each way) so I had a lot of time to think about this and I've convinced myself that expensive digital cables are a total waste of money, as are pricey CD players that will be used to output a digital signal only. Here's why...
  10. beni

    anybody have any info on the koss r-10 headphone?

    I'm looking for a good, cheap closed set of headphones for my wife. She doesn't want a large pair of phones and it must be closed. This obviously eliminates a lot of the standard choices for under $75, but I'm determined to find something. I can get a new Sony v6 pair for $75, but have also...