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  1. finleyville


    Anyway... I would like to purchase a used Mojo. However, I REQUIRE the original box that it shipped with. I have had two Mojos in the past that died (probably cause I use it as a line out DAC) and Chord requires the s/n box shipped back with the unit in case of a warrantee work. If you kept...
  2. finleyville

    DVD Mp3 playlist creator?

    Anyway... I found a program that enabled a user to burn hundreds of songs onto a DVD disc and then allowed playback by using burned playlists. You could even have the same song in multiple playlists with no problem. A car DVD player would read one playlist then "find" the songs thereafter. I...
  3. finleyville

    DIY RCA starquad configuration question

    Anyway... I need to build 4 pairs of RCA patch for my car install. The lengths will be from 3 in. to 6 in. long each. They are running from an Alpine processor mounted right next to both amps. I noticed that the DIY cable tutorial and most cable builds use a whole piece of starquad for...
  4. finleyville

    Video editing help needed

    Anyway… Since I am my families’ tech support anytime someone needs help, I was volunteered to edit and compile several hours of home video into something more interesting for Christmas. The good news is that my uncle gave me an external HDD which has all the footage on it so I do not have to...
  5. finleyville

    WTB: BROKEN iRiver iHP-140

    Anyway, I am looking for a bricked iHP-140. Actually, I only need the two side panels and the top/bottom end caps. I am transforming my 120 into a 140 but need the extra room. Thanks.
  6. finleyville

    Jazz trumpet recomendations please...

    Anyway... I am looking for new (to me) jazz/fusion trumpet artists, specifically, something along the lines of Maynard Ferguson. The style should mostly be high energy, full range (i.e. a screamer), non-big band arrangements. It doesn't have to be new. I love Miles, but I am looking for...
  7. finleyville

    optical input for portable amp?

    Anyway... I know that this sounds like total overkill, but is there anyone selling a portable amp with an optical input? How difficult is one to add? I am interested in an iHP-100 DAP which has an optical line out. I'll only be using the setup in stationary situations where the difference...
  8. finleyville

    iHP optical line out? firmware updates?

    Anyway... Looking at the features/differences between iRiver's iHP-100/120/140, I noticed that the "official" website shows an optical out for the iHP-100 but not -120/40's. Does this mean that the newer offerings do not have this output? Or is it just overlooked? Creating a trans-portable...
  9. finleyville

    How head-fi has changed your life....

    Anyway... I was just reflecting on how this site has affected me. We all know that this place has got to be one of the universe's largest black holes for your valuable time and precious money. And in the grand scheme of things it's just a forum. However, my life has changed from being a...
  10. finleyville

    Computer icon download sites

    Anyway... After looking at all the cool computer desktops posted I decided to download an icon manager. Now all I need are cool looking icons! I just wandered where does everybody download their icons.
  11. finleyville

    Your favorite "I can't believe you like that crap" movie

    So anyway... I'm surfing through the myriad of move channels and I realize that most of them are usually showing terrible movies. However, the one bad movie that I cannot pass up is the Bubble Boy. For the life of me I cannot stop chuckling with this one. Which bad movies do you like? (or...
  12. finleyville

    Anyone own Platipus beginners guide to trance?

    Anyway... So I am listening to Platipus beginners guide to trance 2nd disc, the chillout mix and have a question. At 2:33 during the first track, some very deep notes begin, pipe organ I think. Anyway, when listening at a moderate level with my Sony MDR-V6 on either my DIY Hansen or my DIY...
  13. finleyville

    Non-audio LED application question

    If this question needs to be moved or removed I'll understand. I have relocated my motorcycle license plate and the stock plate light assembly will not fit. So I thought of lighting the plate with superbright LED's. Looking through Newark's catalog (Mouser and Digikey didn't have the right...
  14. finleyville

    Back from the Big Easy and Preservation Hall!!!

    Yep. My wife and I just returned from New Orleans! The food was great and the music was even better. We visited the week after jazz fest and had the city to ourselves. Preservation Hall was the best part of the whole trip. Crammed room about 20'x20' with everyone dripping sweat. The oldest...
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    HELP! Stop the pop-up adds!

    Somehow, somewhere I picked up something on my computer that no matter what website I am visiting, at regular intervals I get pop-up ads. Now I've tried using Spybot, but that apparently didn't work. Any ideas?
  16. finleyville

    Your most moronic audio purchase

    That's right! I want to know your dumbest audio related purchase. The buy right now that you look back upon saying, "What was I thinking!!" It could be a CD/tape/8 track/album, audio hardware, or audio accessory. To start things off [can't believe I'm admitting this] years ago when the CD...
  17. finleyville

    3.5mm to 2.5mm cord?

    hello there, I have looked through all my catalogs and couldn't find a particular cord that I need. So I'm asking for your help. I need a 3.5mm stereo mini to a 2.5mm super-mini end. Quality is not a necessity. It will be used from my cellphone to my motocycle intercom system. The intercom...
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    Yes, that's right. I just got tickets to the sold out Coldplay concert in Pittsburgh, PA. Needless to say I am very excited! Has anyone here seen these guys live? Just wanted to know how there show was.
  19. finleyville

    HD600 prices in Europe?

    So anyway... My brother might be going to Amsterdam next month. If he does I might have him pick up a pair of HD600's for me. As I understand it, the Senns are much cheaper over there than here in the US. How much are they over there? Is it worth the trouble? Thanks...
  20. finleyville

    ATB sound alikes?

    O.K. I have received many, many great recommendations from this forum and have fallen in love with ATB. What genre does this fall under and what else would I enjoy? Please keep in mind that I am just starting into electronic music and have no idea what trance/ambient/house/ect... mean. I only...
  21. finleyville

    Artists who surprised you with their musicianship?

    O.K. So we all know that there are many bands that are filled with mediocre musicians. They are only popular because of their catchy sounding riffs or their pretty faces driving preteens mad with lust. But has there been an artist who has totally surprised you with their talent after a...
  22. finleyville

    Pepsi in 16oz glass bottles?

    I am looking for 16oz glass Pepsi bottles. The last time I saw them in PA was several years ago. I was just wondering if any other part of the US had them. I know Coke sells smaller bottles, but I'm a Pepsi guy. Has anyone seen them lately? Thanks. Oh, btw, I don't mean empty bottles...
  23. finleyville

    Anyone interested in debugging a META?

    Hi all, I know, I know. It may seem that at first I am coping out of this DIY thing and have no patience, i.e. conditioned immediate gratification syndrome (Which partly may be true.) But recently unforseen, additional work obligations have whittled my spare time to the point of priceless...
  24. finleyville

    Adapting avatar pictures

    Because of this forum's 75x75 pixel restriction for posting avatar pics, most of my choices were not accepted. Is there an easy way to resize a picture to the dimentions listed? Easy being the operative word here.
  25. finleyville

    DIY mini-to-mini

    O.K. So I have decided to try to start making my own IC's. I have done a lot of searching on the web and on these forums. I would like to start out with a mini-to-mini IC first; I've heard these are the easiest. However, the majority of the information out there is for RCA hookups. I am a...