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    ISO Audeze Mobius

    Anyone not want their pre-order? Would love to get a copper set @ the $200-250 mark if possible (wishful thinking, I know!).
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    IEM Twisted Cables

    I got this with a pair of JH16's a while ago, and am thinking of downgrading to a normal cable. The only problem with this cable is that the memory cable on the left side is cracked about 1/2 a centimeter closest to the pins. I tried to take a picture of it but it was hard to catch. It doesn't...
  3. au5t3n5

    WTB: Heir 8.A

    Looking to pick up a pair of these to compare to my JH16. They are $1,099 at discount right now, but if I can get them used and reshell them for a bit cheaper, that would be great!
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    WTB: iPod Classic 80-160gb Silver Only

    Looking to pick up a lightly used iPod Classic in Silver. 80-160gb. Doesn't have to come with headphones or a cable, will pay accordingly.   I can trade 2 NIB purple uDac's for the right iPod if you want...  
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    WTB: JH13/16 or ES5

    Just looking if anyone has a JH13/16 or ES5 they would be willing to part with for a reasonable amount.    Trying to keep this CONUS.    
  13. au5t3n5

    WTB: Red Monster Ear Tip Adapters

    I need some of those little red tips so I can try some other tips I have on my W4s... Anyone have any extras they don't want?   Found a pair!! Thanks Scott!    
  14. au5t3n5

    Swan M200 MKIII

    I would like to purchase a pair of these desktop speakers. Don't mind used, but should be in nice condition. Let me know what you have, thanks!  
  15. au5t3n5

    New IEMs: What To Do....

    Ok. Begin at the beginning. I have been trolling these forums (with only my eyes).    I want some new IEMs. I have Shure SCL2's from years ago, which need to be updated. I recently got Shure SRH840's and an iBasso D4 Mamba to go with them. But those who know about the 840 know they are by no...