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  1. sfzero

    Suggestions: JH13 / UE Ref / JH 16 / UE 18 [JH 3 A] (Question revised, letting go of other thread)

    I would choose Jh13 due to dislike of jh13+jh3 may be another choice. Anyway, have a try yourself if you can find a demo!
  2. sfzero

    Sony X1060 + DAC

    Well, I don't think you need DAC because that sony x1060 can't deliver a digital signal to a DAC. If you want, you can get a amp for x1060. The WM-port can be used as a line-out dock with suitabe cable.
  3. sfzero

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Very interested in JH13! If possible, I'd like to get one this year.
  4. sfzero

    etymotic er4 (p or s model?) vs shure se535

    I have both of them, and I want to say that them may have a similar SQ and character. They both have clear highrange and nice midrange, good for vocal, but se535 have a better bass due to dual-woofer. For er4, s style have a higher impedance and lower sensitivity than p style which means the...
  5. sfzero

    FS: Pico Slim #77 with lifetime warranty and battery replacement!

    Please check your gmail! Sorry for that because I've reached the daily allotment of 2 of the PM!
  6. Bang & Olufsen Beosound2 mp3 player

    Bang & Olufsen Beosound2 mp3 player

    A genuinely personal player BeoSound 2 brings a touch of sophistication to portable sound. With its distinctive shape and polished stainless steel finish, this pocket-sized digital music player looks as good as it performs. So recline your seat and enjoy the extraordinary sound quality from your...
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  10. Sony MDR EX1000

    Sony MDR EX1000

    Sony's newest flagship style. The flexible ear hangers and vertical in-the-ear tapering keep the earbuds in place providing a secure and comfortable fit. This high spec model embodies Sony' s cutting edge technologies in music reproduction to provide a truly pure audio experience. The next...
  11. Sony MDR EX-1000

    Sony MDR EX-1000

    Sony's new flagship of Closed Dynamic.
  12. Audio Technica ATH-EM9D

    Audio Technica ATH-EM9D

    Audio-Technica's high quality clip-on headphones take the EM7 headphones to the next level in terms of sound and comfort, with a higher quality cable, better quality materials and clearer music. These lightweight ear-fitting headphones have newly developed aluminium alloy housing which gives...
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