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  1. Aerosphere

    WTB Lotoo Paw Gold Dignis Case

    I am looking for Lotoo Paw Gold Leather Dignis case, please PM if you want to sell yours. Location: Canada
  2. Aerosphere

    SGAudioHive Impressions Thread

    I felt the need of such thread, so here we are. SGAudioHive is a cable company located in Singapore. Yong is the man behind the curtain and he is a total pleasure to do business with. I bought quite a few cables from Yong and I am impressed by his work, I will update this thread with impressions...
  3. Aerosphere

    Chord Hugo *Never Used*

    Hi. I purchased a spare Hugo 3 months ago just in case something happened to my older unit. Now I need the liquidity so I am letting it go. It is silver and purchased from a authorized chord dist. in UK. It has 3 year warranty and everything invoice etc. The box was never opened, you'll be the...
  4. Aerosphere

    64 Audio Apex U12 Like New 1100$

    15 hours old Apex U12 with apex m15-20 modules box and all accessories. Condition is perfect, like new. Price includes express shipping but paypal fees are on you. Price is fair I guess.
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  6. Aerosphere

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Picollo (Chrome)

    Up for sale my CypherLabs Picollo. The amp is in great condition, it has 9 months warranty, the box, straps and pouch.    Price includes shipping to EU and paypal fees.    Thank you for looking.
  7. Aerosphere

    Chord Mojo

    Bought from Custom-Cable, 3 months old, pristine condition.    Price includes free shipping to EU and paypal. (Yes england, you too!)   Thanks for looking.
  8. Aerosphere

    AUDEZE SINE + Upgrade Cable

    I want to sell my mint condition Audeze SINE.   Reason for selling: on ear doesn't exactly work for me so this baby gotta find a new home.   Price is 340$ including paypal and registered airmail with tracking number. I bought an upgrade cable for it too, Audiominor Mahogany Litz. Pure...
  9. Aerosphere

    Plenue P1 DIGNIS CASE

    Please feel free to PM me if you have Dignis P1 case. Any other leather is acceptable too.
  10. Aerosphere

    Campfire Audio Jupiter

    Hi. I want to sell my Campfire Audio Jupiter. Condition: Like New. It has no box/accessories. Only IEM and it's stock cable. I will Include 1 pair of medium ortofon tips (brand new) EU Only. Price includes shipping. Paypal fees on you.   If you have any questions, shoot me a PM. Prefer...
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    Schiit Modi 2 Uber & Magni 2 [Price Drop]

    Schiit Modi 2 Uber & Magni 2   Up for sale my schiit dac+amp. Modi has some issues. USB section does not work properly, you will have to use Toslink/optical cable. Optical section works flawlessly. Already reached Schiit but they were not very helpful. Combo overall condition is good. PM me...
  13. Aerosphere

    K10U - Mint

    K10 Universal Aluminum condition as new.    Comes with everything. It has less usage than 15 minutes. Price includes PayPal fees and standard registered postage worldwide.    Thanks for the interest. 
  14. Aerosphere

    IEMS for Metal/Alternative Genre. [500-2000$]

    Hello Head-Fi.   I am very fond of metal music but the problem is I find iem presentations too congesting, perhaps slow. (PRaT-Wise)   Is there any CIEM or IEM that you use and that you think it's amazing with fast paced metal songs?    My DAP is Lotoo Paw Gold. I have no budget limit. I...