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  1. JeckyllAndHyde

    Good Deal: Sansa Clip 2GB refurbished - 17€ Shipped!! (europe)

    Just ordered, will post impressions when it come
  2. JeckyllAndHyde

    Peerless PMB-80 - very very rare Orthodynamics! SOLD

    Selling my PMB-80 - they are in very nice condition and not modded. I have to reduce my collection, so sadly they got to go. I'm asking 100 Euro + Shipping. I can ship worldwide, PayPal is accepted. If needed can make an ebay auktion with "Buy now" option for You. The pads aren't original - old...
  3. JeckyllAndHyde

    2X AKG K240 Sextett + AKG K240 Monitor & Sennheiser HD25SP

    I'm selling a part of my headphone collection - I simply dont give them amount of listening time they're worth :)   Shipping World Wide PayPal accepted for buyers outside Eurozone
  4. JeckyllAndHyde

    Ultrasone - company doubled

    please merge :)