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  1. cleg

    Dope Audio earphones — unusual planar IEMs

    Dope Audio is a small IEM making startup from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They've decided to do an unusual thing: create a planar magnetic IEMs, utilizing the benefits of this technology to the maximum. And so appeared Pure, model with close to perfect step response, low distortion and close to...
  2. cleg

    Ostry KC09

    I'm not sure why Ostry's IEMs remain almost unknown on Head-Fi, but on Russian and Ukrainian market Ostry KC06A became a real huge hit. They offered indeed good design and pretty balanced sound for that money. Now Ostry are back with higher end KC09 model, it's priced about $200, but it looks...
  3. cleg

    Instructive and sad story about LCD-3 modification attempt

    Preface. On russian forum I've met excellent DIY maker with nickname Snorry. He makes really excellent headphones, using old soviet TDS-7 and TDS-15 as a source of drivers, but also he is a big fan of headphones modding. He's approach based on objective measurements, not only subjective...
  4. cleg

    Different models of Beyerdynamic 880 / 990

    Hello, I'm pretty sure this question raised before many times, but I'm lost in tons of messages, so ask again. 1. What's the difference between 880 and 990 in terms of sound (or just point me, where it's described) 2. Both 990 and 880 have different models. E.g. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO -...