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  1. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Meze 99 series 2.5mm balanced cable'

    If I remember right, Denon uses 2.5 mm jacks in cups, so this cable won't fit them
  2. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'BGVP DMG'

    Sometimes I wonder, how Chinese manufacturers come out with that names: TRN, BGVP, BQEYZ… But despite the naming, usually that new models are indeed impressive, and BGVP DMG that I want to tell about is no exception. Before I proceed, I'd like to thank DD Audio store for providing me review...
  3. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Meze 99 series 2.5mm balanced cable'

    It's not the first Meze's attempt to offer a balanced cable, some time ago, they created great cable, but its price is pretty high, compared with more than affordable 99 Series headphones. So, Meze decided to create a new cable with a better price range, and now we've got it. First of all, I'd...
  4. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Penon GS849'

    In my recent review of Penon's OS849 cable, I've already shared my opinion about cables and their impact on sound. I won't repeat it once again, but in short: I'm making blind A/B tests to describe the difference between cables, and changes are often audible, but I doubt that changes are implied...
  5. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Penon OS849'

    When it comes to the cables, I'm always holding skeptical positions. I do believe that cable can change a sound, but I don't believe in "universal changes," especially those based on the material. You know, all that stories about "silver improves treble" or "copper adds more lows." Of course...
  6. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'IMR Acoustics R1'

    Ceramic drivers in the role of high-frequency tweeters in the portable audio are no longer a novelty; they were used by both the Japanese from Radius and the Chinese from 1More, wherein achieving excellent results in a treble area. However, I somehow did not find the model, which, in addition to...
  7. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-С'

    shenanbay, you'll need to contact AA directly using one of possible ways: (email, skype, contact form or social networks), as premium designs isn't available in constructor yet. Also, please note, my version isn't resin, it's a compound acryl.
  8. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-С'

    Many years of friendship connects me with Ambient Acoustics Laboratory from Kyiv. Once upon a time, I've started my journey to the world of customs with their 4-driver model AM4. Then it was upgraded to 6 drivers, to 10… Once you get locked into multi-driver CIEMs, the tendency is to push it as...
  9. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'TheBit Opus#1s'

    It's always good to start a review with some bold statement. Here it is: I think theBit is the only company that can compete with A&K in the DAP world. There are few other companies, offering competitive solutions, but only theBit managed to create product both stylish, comfortable in use, and...
  10. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'LEAR Kaleido'

    Pretty long ago I've had an outstanding experience with Lear's IEMs: AE1d, LUF-4, BD4.2 — all of those models offered perfect price/quality ratio. Lear also released few exciting models with NatroSound technology. But for last few years I didn't hear much from Lear, but meanwhile, they've...
  11. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Campfire Audio Andromeda'

    I always was a great fan of any "limited editions" and other "exclusive" stuff. So, when my friends from (Ukrainian distributor of Campfire Audio) told me that they got in stock Pacific Blue version of Andromedas I've decided to sold mine regular ones and upgrade. I'm not sure, are...
  12. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'The Bit Opus #3'

    Looks like theBit have decided to become a king of the hill, or at least join those who are already standing on the top. After the first successful skill test (I mean OPUS#1) they've come back with really flagship OPUS#2 model that can be considered as one of the TOTL solutions. And now, theBit...
  13. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Meze 99 Neo'

    I think it would be pretty fair to call Meze 99 Classics last year's sensation. Appeared early 2016, they quickly prove themselves being an excellent price/quality performer. Meze engineers decided to sustain those achievements and released a more affordable model. First of all, I'd like to...
  14. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item ' Campfire Audio Vega'

    @sarnhelen fun thing is that with Andromedas SpinFits give better result for me. So, each time we need to spend some time looking for best option
  15. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item ' Campfire Audio Vega'

    Campfire Audio are a perfect example of brand development from scratch. Their IEMs lineup blew the market up, offering excellent quality for reasonable money. First 3 models — Lyra, Orion and Jupiter became a huge success, but CA continued expanding their lineup and offered full range of IEMs...
  16. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Audio-Opus Opus#2'

    I've just checked with my OPUS#2 — changes in the EQ are almost instant and you can turn it on/off and adjust without stopping music.
  17. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Audio-Opus Opus#2'

    Sorry, I didn't got your question
  18. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Audio-Opus Opus#2'

    @PinkyPowers no, OPUS#2 is also good for "normal" full-size cans, it's just not enough for really tough models. It has 2.5 Vrms from balanced output, which is really OK.
  19. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Audio-Opus Opus#2'

    @PinkyPowers mine OPUS#1 is in loaner tour in Ukraine, so I can't make a direct comparison, but as I remember (and I can be wrong, as memory isn't reliable here) OPUS#1 isn't warmer then this. OPUS#2 has better defined bass with better body, but they both are far from being warm to me. But...
  20. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'Audio-Opus Opus#2'

    @Whitigir thank you for a feedback
  21. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item '64 Audio U12 Universal In-Ear Monitor'

    GrandfatherTime thank you for a feedback!
  22. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'HUM Pristine Dual BA IEM'

    HUM Pristine earphones became for me one of the biggest surprises of 2016, so I've decided to gather my skills and create a review. HUM is pretty well known on the exUSSR market due to their Pervasion DAP, which gathered a group of fans of its unique sound. Meanwhile, other HUM's products (IEMs...
  23. cleg

    Reply to review by 'cleg' on item 'CEntrance DACPort HD'

    @jedi5diah it depends on your software settings. You can easily google manual on how to setup DSD playback with your OS/player software
  24. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'ZMF Headphones Omni'

    Well, it was a really long journey, but at last I've got my new Omnis. It's hard to believe, but it took 3 attempts to get at least one of Zach's wooden Fostex. First attempt was made at the beginning of the year, it was ZMF x Vibro, sent by USPS. And they were stolen somewhere in between...
  25. cleg

    Review by 'cleg' on item 'Luxury & Precision L5 PRO 32bit Portable Lossless Music Player'

    So, I've decided to add my 5 cents about Luxury&Precision's new DAP L5 Pro. First of all, I would like to Thank Luxury & Precision for providing me with a review sample in exchange for my honest opinion. I will skip almost everything related to package, accessories set and interface. twister6...