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  1. crazyfrenchman27

    Looking for custom IEM recommendations 1.0-1.5k usd budget

    What about ear spiral? Custom art? Jerry Harvey? Is there a more comprehensive listing with descriptions? I am leaning towards silicone over acrylic. Thanks! Matt
  2. crazyfrenchman27

    Looking for custom IEM recommendations 1.0-1.5k usd budget

    Hi, My company recently made the transition to an open office space and I’d like to invest in a pair of comfortable iems with clean, neutral sound that I can wear for 4-8 hours a day. Currently I wear etymotics er5 and I’m relatively happy, but I would like a custom fit. My budget is around...
  3. crazyfrenchman27

    ATH- ESW9A VS HD 25 1-ii VS HFI-780 VS D1100

    Hi maymur,   I only have experience with the HD25 and ATH-ESW9A.  I can confirm that ATH-ESW9A are probably not durable enough to be hoisted around on a daily basis as the wooden cups will scratch and the wires are thin.  The HD25 would be far better suited for that purpose.  Personally, I...
  4. crazyfrenchman27

    O2 amp - which to buy?

    Quote:   As a fellow old-timer...couldn't agree more :(   ~ Matt
  5. crazyfrenchman27

    HeadAmp GS-1 – A Forgotten Treasure

    Well my experience is that the O2 and Gilmore series are both fantastic, neutral amps...which means that they ought to sound indistinguishable.  Because there aren't any design flaws.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.   The build quality is worth the added price for most readers IMHO.
  6. crazyfrenchman27

    HeadAmp GS-1 – A Forgotten Treasure

    Nice review.   Isn't the GS-1 like a Gilmore Lite/Dynalo on steroids?  These amps are legendary and shall never be forgotten!   Too much focus on bling-bling and FOTM in these forums...   I only wish that headamp still sold the Gilmore Lite *sigh*
  7. crazyfrenchman27

    Whats the deal with these amps

    I'm amazed that our forum members have endured this long largely on amicable terms...something of a testament to the head-fi board.   But if the OP insists that he can hear no difference with/without a headphone and yet persists in bludgeoning our belief that a headphone amplifier might...
  8. crazyfrenchman27

    Whats the deal with these amps

    Gilmore Lite and O2 are among my favorites but I'm sure there are many others under $500.  I never saw a reason to spend more than that and I certainly would never purchase a tube amp, the antithesis of "neutral."   If I want to color my sound, I use an equalizer.  Infinite customization on...
  9. crazyfrenchman27

    Whats the deal with these amps

    Top-of-the-line amps without any meaningful distortion, channel crosstalk, output impedance issues etc. ought to be indistinguishable.   A volume-matched, blind comparison of two amps will lay to rest most of the claims made by the "golden ears" in these forums.  Try it at a head-fi meet...
  10. crazyfrenchman27

    Vote on Entry level Amps: Audinst HUD MX-1, Yulong U100, O2, Matrix M-Stage, Schiit Asgard

    Only one of these amps is worth considering so I only voted for one.   Not sure about Audinist, never tried it.  DAC/Amp combo, not pure amp.   - Matt
  11. crazyfrenchman27

    Suggestions for new pair of Headphones

    I feel that DT880/AKG701/HD600 are the headphones you should be looking at considering your price range (~500 amp+headphone) and desire for a headphone that would scale well with the Marantz.   Gun to my head, I would pick the DT880 for you (more fun) although I am an AKG man myself...
  12. crazyfrenchman27

    Suggestions for new pair of Headphones

    You can get a good amp for ~250 that would drive an AKG701 or HD600.   I don't feel the HD598 is in the same class as the HD600/AKG701/DT880.  I've always found it underwhelming even within its price range.
  13. crazyfrenchman27

    Suggestions for new pair of Headphones

    AKG 701 are the most "neutral" but given your description/preferences, I'm not convinced that's actually what you want.   Matt
  14. crazyfrenchman27

    JustBeats by Dr Dre Fails

    I'm sorry, you can't peg a price on these headphones if you are serious about obtaining a headphone with a balanced signature.   On that basis you can't assign any dollar value to them if you are interested in accurate reproduction.
  15. crazyfrenchman27

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    I like them but the TF10 have some serious, fundamental sonic limitations that cannot be overlooked.  I always and unequivocally EQ the mid-range because it is clearly not balanced. 
  16. crazyfrenchman27

    ATH-ESW9, I'm impressed

    I've owned nearly every piece of audio equipment imaginable and have begun to need a closed portable headphone as of late.  I read some complimentary reviews of the ESW9 and picked these up on the off-chance that they would change my mind regarding closed supra-aural portable headphones, a...
  17. crazyfrenchman27

    Best gaming headphones? (must be both Xbox and PC compatible)

    o.k. thanks, I might have to think about it but I'd prefer an integrated headset.
  18. crazyfrenchman27

    Best gaming headphones? (must be both Xbox and PC compatible)

    I need a microphone.  Stax does not have a microphone.  The audiotechnica line is uncomfortable for me because my head is not huge.   How about the Sennheiser line?  I've listened to a bazillion headphones but I am limited when it comes to mic + headphone combos.
  19. crazyfrenchman27

    Best gaming headphones? (must be both Xbox and PC compatible)

    Yeah Malveaux, I was taking a good look at the Astro mixamp/A40 and thought it was one of the few hardware devices that would fit my needs.  Are other mic/headsets compatible with the amp on PC/Xbox or must you use the A30/A40?
  20. crazyfrenchman27

    Best gaming headphones? (must be both Xbox and PC compatible)

    Hi folks,   I've been searching the forums for the best gaming headphones which are both Xbox and PC compatible.  It's not quite clear what the answer would be, at least judging from previous posts.   Please factor in the quality of the mic as well with associated peripherals.  ...
  21. crazyfrenchman27

    Is anyone happy with just one headphone?

    Just buy JH13 Pro and EQ them, then you're done.
  22. crazyfrenchman27

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, how do they compare?

    The audiophile IEM landscape has changed significantly since I last visited this site.   How do the TF10 compare to the current top-tier generic fit IEM offerings?  Price is not a limiting factor.   Also, does mic capability degrade audio quality?   A top three ranking would be...
  23. crazyfrenchman27

    Newcomer to headphones – would appreciate advice

    If you could attend a head-fi meet, that would be an immense influence on your future purchases.   I would wait a couple months to hit the next one that comes up, sample the best gear, buy ONE headphone (THE BEST), an amp to drive them, a source, and maybe ONE IEM (THE BEST).  Then leave...
  24. crazyfrenchman27

    What's The Best Portable Headphone Amp?????

    these posts which do not include a budget, the headphone, or the source are incredibly annoying...