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  1. 3lusiv3

    Hello from an old timer

    I joined head-fi Feb 11, 2004. I haven't been back for a while. Hello again.
  2. 3lusiv3

    Can Con 5.0 - Sydney Australia meet (28th June 2015)

    I'm busy with family. It's great that a meet like this can occur in Sydney. It's very different to 10 years ago.
  3. 3lusiv3

    Can Con 5.0 - Sydney Australia meet (28th June 2015)

    Have fun guys. I've been reading this whole thread as it happened.
  4. 3lusiv3

    Can Con 4! Sydney, Australia Meet!

    It's great to see all this head-fi activity in Sydney.
  5. 3lusiv3

    Can Con 4.5 - Western Sydney Fi-Fest!

    Try calling Parramatta or Holroyd council and asking them if they have any halls or rooms that are suitable.
  6. 3lusiv3

    My Music Server!

    I keep copies of my iTunes Library and iTunes Library.xml files.
  7. 3lusiv3

    Check Out The Head-Fi Summer 2012 Buying Guide!

    Very nice work. Love it.
  8. 3lusiv3

    Prepaid iPhone micro SIM for USA?

    Hi, I'm travelling from Australia to the USA in two weeks with an iPhone 4s. I have asked Telstra to unlock it, so that will be done soon. I need it to have voice and data and I only need it for three weeks in the USA. Can I just walk into a mobile phone shop when I get to the USA and buy a...
  9. 3lusiv3

    'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody,, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

    The most central part of Sydney is Parramatta, or if you want to go a little further east then Homebush or Homebush Bay.
  10. 3lusiv3

    Physical problem with Beyer DT990?

    Quote: They don't know what caused it. I think it's a manufacturing fault, but that's just me. I think that heat combined with a fault in the headband paint caused the problem because it gets hot in Sydney.   I love the DT 990 250 OHM, they are beautiful sounding headphones.
  11. 3lusiv3

    Physical problem with Beyer DT990?

    I just picked up the headphones from the service centre. They repaired it for free even though the headphones are 4 years old.
  12. 3lusiv3

    Physical problem with Beyer DT990?

    The local headphone distributer have contacted Beyer and they have agreed to swap the headband for free. Beyer are keen to get the headband back to Germany to have a look at it.   The headband has been ordered from Germany and is expected to arrive within a couple of weeks.
  13. 3lusiv3

    Dolby digital to stereo analogue converter?

    Yeah, but if I have to buy an AV Receiver then I don't need the NAD amp.   Quote:
  14. 3lusiv3

    Physical problem with Beyer DT990?

    Thanks. I'll keep you posted.
  15. 3lusiv3

    Physical problem with Beyer DT990?

    Australian headphone web site Headphonic have confirmed that they can get the headband if needed.