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  1. Victorious25

    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    Victorious25   I'd be interested in seeing a power amp type product on Massdrop.
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    Wav and FLAC files are not specific to Windows, they are fairly universal file types. The Apple ones are, obviously, a little more specific, however you can certainly find programs to play them on any operating system. As far as portable players, I honestly don't know what supports ALAC or AIFF...
  3. Victorious25

    Post Rock recommendations for a newbie

    I'm a pretty avid post rock fan. My recommendations would be:   Hymn to the Immortal Wind by Mono The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place by Explosions in the Sky Happy Songs For Happy People by Mogwai Other Truths by Do. Make. Say. Think. Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven by...
  4. Victorious25

    Audio Technica Upgrading Product Lines?

    I'm unaware of any new products, either. And even beyond mid level, the past 4 years or so has seen a lot of new high end products from many of the other big name manufacturers. Sennheiser has had the HD800s and HD700s, Beyerdynamic released the T1 and the T5p and others, Audez'e's LCD2 and 3...
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    Best Headset 70% Gaming+30% Music!

    I'd have to second the AD700s as well, and I have owned AD700s and own M50s. I loved my AD700s when I had them, and used them probably split 50/50 for gaming and music. Worked flawlessly for me straight out of my Creative X-fi Platinum. That being said, the M50s are no slouch, they have nice...
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    Most ridiculous album ever

    Quote: This just reminded me of a quote: I'm addicted to placebos. I'd stop taking them, but it wouldn't matter.
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    Need help juicing FA-011's

    Well, if you're specifically talking amp, you might consider posting in the "Headphone Amps (Full-Sized)" section, but anyway... I'm not particularly familiar with the Fischer FA-011 myself, I've heard of them on here, but never heard them myself. The impedance on them is high enough that I...
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    Audez'e LCD-2 Owner Roll Call - list your serial number here!

    5312024 soocha2 (ordered 4/20/11, rec'd 4/25/11) 5312035 daveathall (bought 18/05/11 in UK) 5312038 clabbe (ordered 4/11/11, arrived 4/20/11) 5312046 rrrango - Ordered thru ALO audio on 4/19, arrived on 4/26 in Taiwan. 5312049 GilSt (ordered 5/1/11, received 5/6/11, new foam,cable, not sure...
  9. Victorious25

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    I went to see Drive tonight, I was very pleasantly surprised. Honestly, it felt a little like Taxi Driver to me at times, which is by no means a complaint. I had never really given Ryan Gosling any thought, but I felt he did a spectacular job in that movie. Honestly, I'd give it a solid...
  10. Victorious25

    Real Hip Hop recommendations!

    I've never been a huge Hip hop person, but there are certain artists that I've liked a lot over the years. That being said, I have to throw a pitch in for Blue Scholars. Their most recent album, Cinemetropolis, is the first hip hop album that I have ever gotten "hooked" on in my entire life. I...
  11. Victorious25

    Most over rated genre (major boring) Your experience.

    Honestly, I'd have to say pretty much any Techno music for me these days, and in particular dubstep. And it's not actually that I dislike techno or anything, I simply think it's way overrated by so many of my peers. A LOT of my friends and people around me at my point in life seem to think of...
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    Who is "Your Band"

    The only artist for me would be Bruce Springsteen. Not that I can say I followed his whole career or anything, given it started long before I was born, but it's a familial thing for me, and I love damn near everything he has done. There are so many bands that I could list as a tie for second...
  13. Victorious25

    Need help finding a good pair of headphones...

    Hey, and welcome aboard! Sound card is going to be a nice improvement for you, but at the same time (at least in my experience) there isn't too tremendous an amount of difference between all of them in the mid range. I'd hesitate before buying any of the super top of the line type deals, as...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Maps and Atlases - Perch Patchwork  
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    I'm depressed and need some "Feel good" music

    Quote: My inclination was actually exactly the same here >.< Shoegaze has the most polar effect on me of any music. Sometimes it makes me feel fantastic... other times it just grounds me very hard. Honestly, I wouldn't really recommend it all that much from personal experience when in a...
  16. Victorious25

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Quote:     Haha, I feel your pain there my friend. The only time I get to go to any kind of hi-fi store or anything of the like is when I'm down in Chicago visiting a friend, luckily that is frequent. I live in La Crosse, south west WI.        
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Here's my living room (I live alone ):     And a close-up on my actual equipment:     Sorry about the crappy quality, I haven't used my camera in a long time and couldn't find the power cord for it, so had to use my phone.
  18. Victorious25

    Confused with DAC, Amp, and headphones connection..

    Yes, it can be that simple. One thing of note is that from what I understand MOST (I can't say for sure with the DAC you are interested in) DACs don't have the best USB stage so to speak, and so it would be better to connect through Optical or Coax to the DAC, but that depends on if your...
  19. Victorious25

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Young Blood by The Naked and Famous off of their album Passive Me, Aggressive You.  
  20. Victorious25

    Bookshelf speaker setup

    Hey everyone,   So on a recent visit to San Diego with my family to visit my brother I convinced them to come with me briefly to a Hi-Fi store, since where I live there isn't anything of the sort and I wanted to just browse a little bit. I was up-front with the gentleman working that I...
  21. Victorious25

    Multiple Headphone outputs

    Hey everyone,   So as I've slowly been upgrading over the past few years, I've gotten to a point where my system is fairly respectable (At least as far as I'm concerned, being a college student). I currently have a Audio-gd DAC19DSP feeding a Ming Da MC84C07 and have DT 880 600 Ohms and...
  22. Victorious25

    K701 Headphone rattle??

    There is one very very bassy song that I have heard a slight rattle on, but only at high to very high volume levels, and turning it down to a moderate level makes it disappear. Really has caused me no stress with my pair, but like I said it's really only been the one song that I've noticed it on...
  23. Victorious25

    B&W 601 S3 repair

    Okay, thanks a ton for the help. I can't test it until later on tonight, but I'm 99% certain this will be the fix as I definitely remember seeing the metal jumpers lying around somewhere at their house and wondering what they were, so they're definitely not in place. I'll probably take your...
  24. Victorious25

    B&W 601 S3 repair

    Thanks for the reply!   Well, I THINK it's like this currently:   If connected to HF ---> Tweeter is working If connected to LF ---> Mid/Bass and Tweeter are working   And bi-wiring is not being done, should it be?   Unfortunately I don't have the unit available to me at this...
  25. Victorious25

    B&W 601 S3 repair

    Hey all,   A short preface: I realize this may not be the optimum forum to get advice on this area, but I'm hoping at the very least to get some direction of where I can go for answers.   So I have fairly limited knowledge of speakers, it's something I've been interested in getting in...