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  1. chrisdgh

    ath m50 concern

    Ok i purchased a pair of ath m50's and i really love them of course as I know this forum does as well. My concern is regarding the ear pad... i know the actual heapdhones can rotate and stuff but the ear pads can rotate as well is that a problems or is it supposed to be like that?
  2. chrisdgh

    Is "The Sound Professionals" site trustable?

    BTW IF THIS IS THE WRONG FORUM TO POST THIS then I am sorry couldn't really find a suitable forum for this issue. Hey, decided on buying the ath m50s and looked for good prices online. Found a deal where you get a $60 rebate after the original $169....the problem is the site looks pretty...
  3. chrisdgh

    Where are the ATH m50's $100?

    Okay, a thread was started here already on where the ath m50s are 100 dollars but the two conclusions were wait for amazon to lower the price and go to ebay look for top rated sellers who have a "best offer" option and put $100 as offer. Well, amazon has not lowered the price for a few weeks and...
  4. chrisdgh

    Sennheiser hd448 vs Sony MDR XB700

    wow that sounds like it would be perfect for me, I listen to alot of the same stuff, but theyre out of my price range sadly. I tried finding ATH M-50s for that price but failed and could you explain why theyre better? Also, since I'm debating between the 280 and the 448 which do you think is better?
  5. chrisdgh

    Sennheiser hd448 vs Sony MDR XB700

    I'm not a bass fanatic or anything, but I definitely want to hear the bass clearly but also in balance with the other aspects of the music. I've basically ruled out the XB700 because they supposedly do not have as great sound quality as the 448's. Now, I've heard that the 280 pros or w.e are in...
  6. chrisdgh

    Sennheiser hd448 vs Sony MDR XB700

    Hey! I got a hundred bucks and I've narrowed down my choices of headphones to these two as I like electronic, indie/alternative rock, and dubstep(I am definitely a bass lover but I also like musical balance). I believe that a thread was posted before comparing these and a few other headphones...