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  1. breez

    New Sound Card/USB DAC (AV-701?)

    Only the alternate output aka Wolfson DAC output is a pure line-out. The others use a cheaper DAC with at least the front output having an amplifier for headphones.
  2. breez

    New Sound Card/USB DAC (AV-701?)

    The lower the impedance, the worse it is for unamped AV710.
  3. breez

    I'm special, I want a MiniDisc in the MP3 era

    Can you take a new picture of the graph? As it is now, it only shows 10000-20000Hz.
  4. breez

    What LAME binary to use with foobar?

    Here is available 3.97 final binary:
  5. breez

    my opinions on the e2c and er6i (mostly on fit/comfort)

    Quote: Originally Posted by germanium I had 3 pair of E2c's & all the cords failed (Shorted out internally) inside of 2 weeks. Thinner more flexible cords usually last longer. I had the same experience with my first two pairs of E2C, but I think it was just a bad batch of cables...
  6. breez

    my opinions on the e2c and er6i (mostly on fit/comfort)

    I thought E2C were pretty rugged and wouldn't worry about them. ER6i on the other hand do look a little flimsy, but I haven't had or read about any problems. Taking off the E2C is a bit easier, sometimes with ER6i I can't get a good grip (longer fingernails would help :lol: ) and it takes a...
  7. breez

    Which "earphone" to get?

    You can get E2 and ER6i for much less than $150 if you buy online (check ebay). I find ER6i to be more comfortable than E2 because of my small ear canals (the tube is larger in E2). E2 is a bit lacking in highs and ER6i has somewhat lighter bass, but I think the ER6i has a more balanced...
  8. breez

    DAP mW specs thread

    Power output at 16 ohms may not simply be double of the rating at 32 ohms. It depends on how much current is available.
  9. breez

    How come lossless varies in compression?

    Quote: Originally Posted by trose49 Does that mean if the file is more compressed than the quality of the original is not as good a another file that does not compress as much? No such correlation exists. For instance one could try to losslessly compress white noise and it won't...
  10. breez

    In need of equalizer for my foobar > emu1212m

    You can EQ with the Patchmix application. Click the FX button and under Core Effects you can find equalizer. Then just drag and drop them somewhere on the audio chain (for example to the main insert).
  11. breez

    OMG I totally tell the difference between Lossless and lossy

    Quote: Originally Posted by db597 Try some tests using "--alt-preset extreme" and see if that makes an improvement. The presets are more highly optimised settings. The -V settings correspond to the old presets. Recommended LAME settings (tried and true) can be found here...
  12. breez

    DAP mW specs thread

    H100 has almost the same hardware as H300 (same sound chip) so that one is 20mW also.
  13. breez

    DAP mW specs thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fr. John That may be but from a non-technical view my Dell Pocket DJ drives the CX300s much better than did the Sansa. I should have also clarified by saying I was referring specifically to sound output (loudness) not quality. It would be quite strange...
  14. breez

    DAP mW specs thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fr. John Sandisk Sansa E200 = 40mW (I find this hard to beleive, I had a Sansa, it did not drive my CX300s well) There may not be a direct relation between output power and sound quality. For example there is a bass roll-off with low impedance...
  15. breez

    MP3 Presets that Equalled FLAC

    Quote: Originally Posted by sgrossklass There should not be any improvement when using the higher LPF setting, not when using Etys at least (they reach like what, 16-17 kHz?). Exactly. Quality may be lower with a higher low pass if bits are wasted on the high frequencies. This is...
  16. breez

    Does foobar2000 have hard -12db limiter?

    If the hard limiter was doing anything it would alter the data and make DTS CDs unplayable.
  17. breez

    Does foobar2000 have hard -12db limiter?

    Can't you use the volume control in Foobar?
  18. breez

    6th Gen iPod in december (perhaps) ... TrustedReviews think so

    I predict a new HDD based DAP from Apple will use the same new system-on-a-chip as the 2G Nano does. Nano went from 14 hours to 24 hours of playback and for sure battery technology didn't magically evolve that much.
  19. breez

    DAP mW specs thread

    Sandisk Sansa E200 = 40mW per channel @ 16Ohm From
  20. breez

    Av710 44.1 or 96 pcm?

    AV710 in High samplerate mode upsamples all audio to 96KHz. It is possible to use straight 44.1KHz. Search this forum to find instructions.
  21. breez

    Sansa e280 from an audiophile's point of view?

    Every iPod except 2nd gen Nano uses a PP chip. Doesn't have much or anything to do with sound quality though as it is mostly only used as a CPU. Sansa E200, however, uses a model which has DAC and headphone output built-in (2x40mW @ 16Ohm). My main gripe with Sansa is the low level...
  22. breez

    20 gb. PMP - $129.99

    Looks interesting. A Windows platform meaning there is probably extra software available.
  23. breez

    ER6i eartips getting loose

    Recently I have been having problems with my ER6i's eartips (small biflange) getting loose, and to my great discomfort, occasionally stuck in my ears. Now I took a glance at my non-used triflange and big biflange eartips and the tube is clearly smaller in diameter. I wonder if the stretching of...
  24. breez

    whice MP3 player can play APE format music?

    There are no portable players with APE support. Just use another lossless compression like FLAC, Wavpack or ALAC. edit: It appears that there is one portable that supports APE, but is limited to 512MB.
  25. breez

    Creative Zen V Plus or Sansa E250

    Sansa too has user replaceable battery (cost $19.99).