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  1. jopagi

    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Thanks Jason once again for an entertaining and informative chapter.     This one in particular is near and dear to my heart (and wallet) since I work for a payment and fraud solutions company.  There are many types of fraudsters, ranging from someone who simply stole a wallet to...
  2. jopagi

    Reply to review by 'jopagi' on item 'Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones with Integrated Audiophile Amplifier'

    Excellent review.  I'm in the market for new headphones for work, and the auto-off feature seems like it would be handy.   Does that actually pause the music or does it just mute the headphones?   Also, I was wondering if you had any thoughts about the MoFi's sound leakage/isolation.  I would...
  3. jopagi

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    YKYAAW...  You're walking along in Bangkok's red light district and your friend says "Hey, look at that tranny!"... and you look around expecting to find an audio store display window...
  4. jopagi

    Suggestion for indexing large threads

    I would love to see some more ways to support large threads on Head-Fi.   There are quite a few of them, and most of them have truly informative posts randomly interspersed with a lot of posts that are usually well-meaning but don't necessarily add a lot to the discussion. Unless I'm missing...
  5. jopagi

    Has anyone seen this? cable supports

    Call it bogus if you like.   I did before I heard the Shunyata Dark Force cable elevators at a local audio store. I never would have believed it if I hadn't heard if for myself, but I clearly heard more detail with the cables lifted.   FWIW, the system was in a carpeted room on the second...
  6. jopagi

    Portland Oregon Meet, Summer 2010

    So here are some of the notable post-meet spots from my perspective.   Fantastic Mexican food (tacos, chips and salsa, not burritos) at Por Que No.   They have a fairly large outdoor patio in back.  Their beer and wine selection isn't large, but their rotating tap is almost always good.  ...
  7. jopagi

    Portland Oregon Meet, Summer 2010

    Sachu, the month is listed as July instead of August now on your first post.
  8. jopagi

    Portland Oregon Meet, Summer 2010

    Annapurna in Stumptown!   An aural banquet beckons. Count me in for the 29th.  I can supply two card tables...   Jonathan  
  9. jopagi

    Music Game IX

    Lazy River - Leon Redbone
  10. jopagi

    iBasso D10. .UPDATES 1st page, with Current Opamp Choices by HiFlight . . . images page 1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 71

    Quote: Originally Posted by webbie64 As Wikipedia (Lithium-ion battery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) indicates... "At a 100% charge level, a typical Li-ion laptop battery that is full most of the time at 25 °C or 77 °F will irreversibly lose approximately 20% capacity per year...
  11. jopagi

    Head-Fi and HDtracks (David Chesky) Collaborate to Assemble A Headphone System Test Album!

    Quote: Originally Posted by lisnalee Well it looks like HDtracks have been listening and has added a note to the page to clarify that track 7 is indeed 24/88.2 It's just a curious coincidence, but the bitrate for this track is 2496...
  12. jopagi

    Head-Fi and HDtracks (David Chesky) Collaborate to Assemble A Headphone System Test Album!

    On the percussion imaging test (track 9) Richard Crooks starts out playing at 3, 6, and 9 feet, and then it repeats back to 3, 6, 9 and continues on to 12, 15, 30, and 70 feet. The first time around is clearly in a less reverberant space, but the liner notes don't make any mention of this...
  13. jopagi

    Seattle/Portland" Meet in the Middle" 27 Feb 2010 - Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by jax Jonathan - It was nice to meet you and thanks for bringing your WA6SE! It was great to get some sense of how mine might sound with various cans if I can only get the sound of those HD800's out of my head!! Would you confirm, as I cannot...
  14. jopagi

    Seattle/Portland" Meet in the Middle" 27 Feb 2010 - Impressions

    Thank you BigPoppa for the organization and everyone else who assisted. Andrew, the pizza was much appreciated. I don't know if it was lack of sleep or just the overall noise level, but I found it hard to concentrate on details there, so I just relaxed and went with general impressions. It...
  15. jopagi

    Seattle/Portland" Meet in the Middle"

    Also, if there are people coming from Portland who need a ride and can't reasonably get to Delta Park, speak up or PM me.
  16. jopagi

    Seattle/Portland" Meet in the Middle"

    The first meet I went to I brought a soft duffel bag. Next time I wised up and packed everything up into a suitcase with wheels. Bringing shipping cartons is a good idea. Some blankets or old sheets or towels (as long as they're not dusty) could help as well. I have a few that I could bring...
  17. jopagi

    Seattle/Portland" Meet in the Middle"

    I'll be taking a station wagon up there from Portland, so there's room for at least 3 people to join me. I think the Park&Ride is a good choice, although 9 seems a bit early. Isn't the meet from 11:30 to 5?
  18. jopagi

    I'm I just weird?

    I haven't noticed any IEM users around Portland either... only at my work (three out of six employees) and on airplane trips. I'm not looking very hard, though.
  19. jopagi

    Are there any other young head-fi'ers among you who can't hear above ~16 kHz?

    Pianist: I'm over twice your age, but your current hearing condition seems to parallel mine pretty closely. I think in normal range my ears are 'musical' like yours, and I can hear up to 16Khz. Above that it seems to turn to pain rather than hearing. If I turn up the volume on an 18Khz signal...
  20. jopagi

    Seattle/Portland" Meet in the Middle"

    Thanks for organizing this... I'll try to make it. If I do, I'll bring my Woo WA6SE w/ Sophia Princess, Benchmark DAC-1, and iBasso D-10. Be sure to check out Ken's ALO Rx portable amp if you haven't heard it yet. I'm looking forward to hearing the WA-22 again.
  21. jopagi

    Audiophile clothing

    This is fascinating. The skeptics currently outweigh the proponents, but from what I can gather after a few minutes of Googling (EMF Sensitivity in Humans), there appears to be some strong evidence in peer-reviewed journals regarding the ability of a small percentage of individuals to reliably...
  22. jopagi

    Feedback with Headroom Total Bithead

    Kudos once again to Headroom for their great customer service. I've had a Total Bithead for years, but haven't run into the problem that you mentioned. I also have the D10, which does have a metal case. I don't get interference from the laptop, but my cell phone will induce some noise at times...
  23. jopagi

    Head-fi remembers Elliott Smith

    I'm not that familiar with his music, but I suspect his style could grow on me if I take the time to listen more closely. He took the name Elliott after the street that I currently live on, by the way.
  24. jopagi

    How do you deal with the changing seasons, physically?

    Fall around here is great. Nice crisp air, autumn foliage... the sunrises and sunsets are usually more colorful this time of year as well. My main concession this year for winter will be buying a car with airbags. I used to bike to work all year round, but now that I've changed jobs and have...