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  1. GoRedwings19

    Why do people say the Benchmark DAC1 is "fatiguing"?

    Quote: Originally Posted by anubisgrau in a rather neutral system (ML electronics, ATC passive speakers, quad CDP-II as transport), DAC-1 produced a sound that was on a verge of being too agressive, too bright and too forward for my taste. but on the other hand it was shockingly...
  2. GoRedwings19

    GS1000 First impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth Seriously...Benny Goodman on stage through RS-1's, can't be bettered by any phone I've tried (to my ears in my system ) same goes for many other performers, there is something just magical about RS-1's. Back in the late 90's there was a reviewer (Cory...
  3. GoRedwings19

    GS1000 First impressions

    Zanth,Rsdhead,Jpak>Regardless of what opinion the GS may hold or in fact any other headphone. Maybe it one preferences and taste's which play a major role on percieving what makes or breaks it. And while many feel that the GS is best grado ever there will be an opposite number that don't hold...
  4. GoRedwings19

    Happy Birthday Redshifter

    Happy Birthday dude, Hope you have a good one. mrarroyo>How on earth did you do that? You must teach me the ways of the force.
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    GS1000 First impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore I dont want to agree or disagree with anybody. Just one interesting point that i have been missing in your writing guys. Everyone knows that a lot of people just dont like GRADO sound because of their presentation. Very clear, realistic up front...
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    GS1000 First impressions

    Dudes you lost me with the religous analogies. Do you mean one is Gretzky, the other is Howe and the other is Orr type of analogy?
  7. GoRedwings19

    GS1000 First impressions

    Zanth and Rsdhead>Yes you both raise very good points. I don't like to judge individual components on its own merit. I like to judge it as a combo of the whole. With so many options available these days regarding sources/amps/headphones. It should be possible to build a very nice setup...
  8. GoRedwings19

    GS1000 First impressions

    Zanth>I would have to respectfully disagree. As much as I enjoy the Rs-1's for many their unique tone if you will is very off putting. As it add this colouration to every type of music. So you really have to be one the Rs-1 sniper crews to enjoy it for all genre's. So given the GS tonal...
  9. GoRedwings19

    GS1000 First impressions

    I think one of the reasons why the GS seem to appeal to you is they match nicely against your source. IIRC you have the ML 390s? So the issues that some headfiers have with the GS doesn't appear in your setup. Or they simply just don't like it.
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    Happy Birthday pabbi1!

    Happy Birthday dude, Hope you have a good one.
  11. GoRedwings19

    Who are the most vocal supporters of these cans?

    You could list 20 or so popular headphones and then ask people to nominate when they see the phones who is most associated with them. Stuff like the cd3k's, Rs-1's, L3k's etc. You will find more often that not that the same people will get associated with them.
  12. GoRedwings19

    Computer Source VS Stand Alone CD Player

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth The easiest way is when you want to listen to a disc, rip at the same time. Over time all your discs will be ripped. That is, if you listen with your comp. You can also set it to rip on insertion of a disc into a drive. To speed things up I...
  13. GoRedwings19

    Commodore 64 question... you do remember those? :)

    What I remember most about the Amiga was the demo disks as in people coding their own demos and stuff. Doing their own graphics and making their own tunes up. There use to be loads of them. Lini>Okay I will try unzipping that huge archive again. The one thing I never got for my Amiga...
  14. GoRedwings19

    Commodore 64 question... you do remember those? :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by plainsong That could be. I remember when I was first here visiting in '96, the power supply stopped working, and we were able to go to a local computer store and just get a new one. The Amiga is still around too, new software still being written, I even just...
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    Nordost Valhalla appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Azure You need to organize European meet or something. Seriously, you're like the only person on this forum that owns/has heard this ridiculously expensive cable, and all you do is praise it like it's the holy grail. It's pointless in the end, and you just end...
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    Commodore 64 question... you do remember those? :)

    Is it me or the commodore brand name seem to do better in europe than US? I mean products like the C64 and the Amiga series. I remember the days of the Amiga series that was a lot of fun. After owning a c64 i owned an A500. I thought it was great. I wished I still kept it to play...
  17. GoRedwings19

    How loud do you listen to your music?

    Roughly about 8pm ish on volume control knob. I never go past 9.00pm.
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    Nordost Valhalla appreciation thread

    It's difficult for people to join you in you appreciation thread as the Nordost Valhalla stuff is out of most headfiers price range. Also for the record I would to state
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    Commodore 64 question... you do remember those? :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Grahame Ah, the old Wizard of Wor Cartridge.... And you tell kids today that you had to watch the "Turbo Load" Graphics whilst the game loaded from a cassette tape, and they won't believe you. Good Times. Mind you, these days there are things like...
  20. GoRedwings19

    Commodore 64 question... you do remember those? :)

    Oh Man what a thread!!!!! I of course had a cbm64 then upgraded to an amiga 500. But what I remember most about those two compared to their competitors was the sound chip. I just loved the cbm64 SID chip against the ghastly sinclair spectrum sound. Then when I got the amiga that was...
  21. GoRedwings19

    EAR HP-4 : are you experienced ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by braillediver “The HP4 can decay in a way that a Melos (including my heavily modified Gold-Reference) can't and probably never will.)” The SHA Gold I had was pretty stunning in it’s own right. You taking good care of it Goredwingdings? Mitch...
  22. GoRedwings19

    What's your favourite rig right now?

    Unnfortunately I have been reduced to listening to music through a USB headset (not even stereo) and the xfi card. Don't know of that makes it my fave but it is one that I have been using of late. Stoopid Ipod has gone pear shaped on me.
  23. GoRedwings19

    Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

    Jahn, I am glad it reached you okay. I was worried like you it went MIA. But usually have found IME that UK mail on an item that heavy and big usually takes about 10 working days to get to the US. So you like the Amperex's 7308's. Glad they worked out for you. I wasn't sure how you...
  24. GoRedwings19

    Where is Ken Law?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Daryn Alexander PS. Elnero's a wanker.* See? I'm with YOU! *elnero is, in actuality, not a wanker. There is reason to believe he's a pretty cool dude. Do you even know him? Why would you post insulting another member like that? So you are...
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    Happy Birthday Elnero, F1GTR and Auroraproject

    Happy Birthday dudes, Hope you have a good one.