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  1. modskwod

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Just finished Samurai Champloo...  I may have a new favorite series as a whole.  Seriously, I'm in love with that show. I might go buy all the episodes when I get an opportunity.
  2. modskwod

    The FiiO X3 Thread UPDATE: Project Back On! Read the First Post for Information.

    I am REALLY excited for this.  Especially at 199  or less. 
  3. modskwod

    Brainwavz M1 vs. Denon DN-HP500 vs. Grado sr60i

    I don't know about the other two, but I would rule out the grados right now.  They'll leak like crazy.
  4. modskwod

    How do you bundle/pack your portable (pics welcome)

    Back when my Classic and Cmoy worked (neither do now) I had them strapped together with an old Pepsi challenge wristband.
  5. modskwod

    What's the first CD…

    The first CD I recall buying, huh.... It's either got to be Stadium Arcadium by The Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Battle Of Las Angeles by Rage Against the Machine.   And,in response to the previous post, I still buy CD's in addition to downloads.  I buy CD's of artists I really like and...
  6. modskwod

    Just converted a friend

    Good job!  Now, if only we could make monster's marketing department worse at their job, we'd be that much closer to educating the masses!
  7. modskwod

    Clip+ battery sucks

    I must be doing something wrong. My clip+ only lasts ~4-5 hours...
  8. modskwod

    Sennheiser HD 25-1 II(Adidas Version)

    If you're worried, I'd check with sennheiser to make sure that they are actually an authorized dealer.  If they are, I wouldn't think they'd be selling fake copies.
  9. modskwod

    Best/Worst Music to Nap to

    I find The Roots' "How I Got Over" to be good for falling asleep.  Especially "Dear God 2.0."
  10. modskwod

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    Quote: I highly agree with this.  If it sounds good to you, regardless of whether it's as close as possible to the original recording, why not stop worrying about how accurate it is and just enjoy the pleasing sound signature? Especially if the original recording sounded like crap.  ...
  11. modskwod

    Got bored, designed some headphones

    Is Mushrooshi a rapper? If not, it might not fly.
  12. modskwod

    The crappiest song you've caught yourself enjoying

    Half Shark-Alligator Half Man by Dr. Octagon/Kool Keith.  Idk, I can never bring myself to change the song when it pops up on shuffle mode.
  13. modskwod

    Ms1 vs m50. which one has more soundstage.

    I have a pair of MS1's, and they are great for at home listening.  They are pretty balanced, but the bass is on the lean side.  I've never heard the m50 so I can't compare them.  The highs are also toned down compared to the pair of SR-60's that I've had the opportunity to listen to, so they're...
  14. modskwod

    Recabeling HD25-1's need advice.

    I'm not much help, but that wire looks like it will be stiff and microphonic.  I've ran across wires with similar jackets and that's what they were like.  Good luck!
  15. modskwod

    It's a sad day :(

    That's too bad.  I've never listened to their music too much, but after hearing some it has been put on my "Music to buy" list.
  16. modskwod

    Real Hip Hop recommendations!

    I like Jay-z when he's producing better than when he's actually rapping.
  17. modskwod

    So does Dr. Dre even use Beats?

    Not according to this picture:
  18. modskwod

    God has just shown me his playlist. Two words; anti-folk... Regina Spektor specifically

    Good stuff!  I was looking for something different, this seems to fit the bill.
  19. modskwod

    These. Headphones..ARE AMAZING!!

    Quote: Time to break into the UPS shipping center?
  20. modskwod

    STUDY HEADPHONES for college

    Some say the Shure 840 is uncomfortable.  I can't comment because I've never seen/heard a pair.
  21. modskwod

    STUDY HEADPHONES for college

    I'd go with the TMA-1.  I've had the opportunity to listen to them for an extended period of time, I.E., ~10 hours.  They're incredibly comfortable (on my head anyways), I actually fell asleep with them on.  The only issue with them is the somewhat suppressed upper range. I'd suggest having a...
  22. modskwod

    B&H Now Has The M50's in stock Again

    I'd really like to listen to these.  If I could find the funds and a deal, I might have to.
  23. modskwod

    Closing the K701's?

    I would think that they wouldn't respond well to having the housing changed considering they were designed for the HP's, but who knows?  Perhaps you should try it and let us know the results 
  24. modskwod

    epic songs

    I think that audioslave's "Like a Stone" qualifies. Possibly "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay, but I'm not sure whether it qualifies as "epic"
  25. modskwod