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  1. etiolate

    [help] hiby R3 - wifi with captive portal connection

    Does anyone know if the Hiby R3 can connect to a wifi network that employs a captive portal? If so, how? I couldn't get it to work at my office today. Thank you.
  2. etiolate

    Little Dot DAC_II

    I can't compare to those directly, but I'm still using and loving my LD DAC_II in both headphone and speaker setups. Both sound smooth and transparent, my most important criteria.
  3. etiolate

    A sound card that can power a Sennehiser HD 650 ?

    Quote: You listen at a volume of 7/100?  With those open headphones a mouse scampering across a carpeted floor could be heard, lol.  IMO, listening at a higher volume allows the music to mesh better and gives enough power to the nuances of the music, which wouldn't be heard otherwise.
  4. etiolate

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Here's my home rig, in the office/dedicated listening room. (sorry for crappy cell phone pic).  There's this rig, a cd rack, a big leather chair, and my office desk in here.  When at the desk, it's headphones only because it does not face the speakers.  I usually have the laptop in my lap and...
  5. etiolate

    Mac users, what are your media players?

    Quote: Quote:
  6. etiolate

    Is there much danger of clipping with IEM’s?

    IEMs are blasting the music right down your ear canal and have a much higher chance of giving you ear damage since the sound doesn't have a chance to disperse. So, listening at high volume isn't healthy anyways. That's what I was saying.
  7. etiolate

    Is there much danger of clipping with IEM’s?

    Clipping, and other forms of distortion, can be caused by many factors. It can be caused solely by the amplifier having too much gain; if the input is a 1 V peak-to-peak sinusoid, and the amp has a gain of 12 dB (or factor of 16), then the output should be a 16 Vpp sinusoid. But if the amp only...
  8. etiolate

    Can you answer this?

    Quote: assume a perfect microphone for scientific purposes, first off.  secondly, many responses in this thread are bogus.  there's going to be no "spectral change" if all you are transmitting is a perfect tone in a perfect open medium.  if you were to neglect room timbre and the...
  9. etiolate

    Amp vs Dac vs Cables

    i love how you both have the same avatar
  10. etiolate

    A sound card that can power a Sennehiser HD 650 ?

    Quote: actually, milliwatts is mW.   M ~ mega ~ 10^6 w ~ not an SI unit m ~ milli ~ 10^-3 W ~ watt
  11. etiolate

    Is this place for real? Macbooks for $300?   check out answer 4, i actually laughed a bit.
  12. etiolate

    Keeping CDs in good condition

    ya, that's supposed to be illegal.
  13. etiolate

    $250 DAC/Amp w/optical in

    ld dac_II, though it may struggle to give you the volume you desire
  14. etiolate

    DAC testing, not much difference?

    Quote: what would be the point of a better SNR if not to increase the sound quality?
  15. etiolate

    Analog Audio source selector?

    Quote: Okay, so i know I'm bring this thread up from the dead.  Just one question/observation: it seems that, since each RCA jack only has one wire coming from it/going to it, that this uses the chassis as ground and only source-selects the signal.  It looks to me that all your components...
  16. etiolate

    Why FLAC is better.

    Quote: LOL! ya i was thinking the same.  i was forced to read through almost the whole thing again.
  17. Yamaha DVD-S1800BL 1080p Upconverting DVD SACD Player

    Yamaha DVD-S1800BL 1080p Upconverting DVD SACD Player

    Yamaha Universal DVD Player offers the assurance of extremely high video and audio quality as well as large collection of features like 1080p-compatible HDMI output and DVD-Audio /Super Audio CD playback. It allows the DVD player to transfer digital video and audio signals directly to an HDMI...
  18. etiolate

    Little Dot "Q" announced!!

    x3 lol...
  19. etiolate

    DAC popularity check

    Entry-level: 244----------- Alien (1) AOL Picollo DAC (1) Apogee Duet (4) Asus Essence ETX (5) Audio-gd Compass (21) Audio-gd Compass - FUN (4) Audio-gd Sparrow Bantam (1) Behringer DEQ2496 (2) Behringer SRC2496 (1) Beresford TC-7510 (2) Beresford TC-7520 (5) Beresford...
  20. etiolate

    Little Dot "Q" announced!!

    This looks like what I may be looking for for a work setup... Any updates?  Anyone get one?
  21. etiolate

    What Dac to buy.

    Quote: x2.  Either this or just use your marantz's dac... it has a 24bit/96kHz dac built in.  you don't always have to use an external dac.  i'm not sure why so many people are convinced of this...     Quote:
  22. etiolate

    Mac users, what are your media players?

    I use iTunes.   Any Mac users that use iTunes might be interested in the following apps: GimmeSomeTune DesktopLyrics   GimmeSomeTune does a couple things: adds a play/pause/forward/back icon to the menu bar displays small pop-up in the bottom part of teh screen when a new song...
  23. etiolate

    Spectrum Measuring

    the impedance of the load will also affect the frequency response some.