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  1. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

      Quote: Point 2 would not be caused by failing to ground the amplifier to the case. The only reason grounding is recommended is because otherwise you get hum when you use it with sources with a high output impedance AFAIK. The sparks likely came from some resistors touching the screw...
  2. Willakan

    Balanced Drive sounds better? How?!

      Quote: It's not a personal attack. He gave those measurements as part of his argument. They are not applicable to his argument, yet comprise a large proportion of his post and are referred to as a real world example. They are far too limited both in scope and accuracy to even come close...
  3. Willakan

    Balanced Drive sounds better? How?!

    Quote: I didn't quote AMB because he was going on about his favourite non-existent spectre of "ground contamination." I also felt he was being disingenuous in several places. Lest you accuse me of railroading (I'm deeply sorry for not having time to quote counterarguments and annotate...
  4. Willakan

    Balanced Drive sounds better? How?!

    In some ways, smearing cake on the PCB would be a better tweak if it actually worked. Balanced amps tend to need rather more parts, so you're paying a premium for...what exactly?   Anyways, here's an engineer from Benchmark on the subject, who knows vastly more about the matter than me...
  5. Willakan

    Damping factor. Why it is not always as important as some make it out to be.

    Quote: Please explain in what way tubes have a more transparent midrange than solid state amps. This reads like unsubstantiated myth propogation.  
  6. Willakan

    What, Re-Zeros purchased from Mapleshade have been cryogenically treated to significantly reduce edginess from digital music sources.

    Perhaps they could cryogenically freeze their PR department to significantly reduce customer edginess due to BS claims.
  7. Willakan

    Balanced Drive sounds better? How?!

    Quote: True, but just being a choice doesn't necessarily justify it. I can choose to smear cake over my PCB and even entertain the idea that it works best for optimum treble's a deliberately stupid example, but the principle of being able to challenge a design choice stands...
  8. Willakan

    Amp for AKG K702's & some technical questions...

    I would recommend an Objective 2, considerably under budget and completely transparent. You're welcome to spend money on unknown quantities, but the O2 is just a verified wire with gain. Colour the sound to your taste with an equaliser and you've got audio nivana. Buy from Epiphany Acoustics or...
  9. Willakan

    Explain it like I'm 5 please: If I upgrade one cable, don't I have to upgrade them all?

    The question is at what point cables can be considered "good." Not a very difficult one IMHO...
  10. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    The uDAC actually clips from its line outputs (yup, Nuforce are that incompetent) so that could be what you're hearing. 2.5X gain is plenty anyhow, looking at the sensitivity of your headphones. 6X gain is designed to be used with MP3 players and other devices with low voltage outputs and will...
  11. Willakan

    Headphone Amplifier which is better sound Solid State or Valve

    Controversial is one way of putting it. I would advise a cheap SS amplifier and an equaliser in the face of strident highs: a lot less hassle IMHO. Tube amps are pretty though.
  12. Willakan

    Why not Class-A?

    Crossover distortion can be minimised in a decent class AB design: even cheap opamps that are suited to audio applications have negligable crossover distortion. When you talk about simplicity of signal path are you talking about single-ended amplifiers?
  13. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Move had already happened by then, unfortunately. I think that people are reading too much into opamp rolling. Opamp rolling works on two principles:   1) That you know better than the designer/designer cut corners of some sort. 2) That audible differences will result even when neither...
  14. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    There are engineers that believe lots of things. None of these things have ever been produced under controlled conditions. I wonder why.   Also, how did this end up in Sound Science? Kinda ironic, surely, moving a thread that is turning to the subject of opamp rolling into Sound Science...
  15. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    What's actually wrong with the current cases? The photos of the JDS Labs amps in particular I've seen look very nice. Nobody is about to wax lyrical for a paragraph about their beauty, but they certainly don't embarrass themselves. I don't think it's fair to paint something like the JDS Labs...
  16. Willakan

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    Yup, all you need is a RCA to 3.5mm cable, which will probably put you back about $5. Alternatively, you can DIY the O2 and simply wire in RCA plugs (what I did). 
  17. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    I suppose it's a personal question. I treat my gear carefully (this is not meant as an insult, I'm not trying to imply that anyone else doesn't) and am not that bothered about aesthetics. My O2 cost £60, including postage, even though I went for the larger case and added Neutrik RCA and...
  18. Willakan

    Blind Test

    A thread called "Testing Audiophile Claims and Myths" or something of that sort opens with a compilation of blind tests.   EDIT: It's on this forum page.
  19. Willakan

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    The difference is either: 1) Night and day. 2) Nonexistent. 3) "Just the last little bit of extra X in favour of amp Y."   Think that's covered all the bases
  20. Willakan

    Single sided cable headphones.

    Firstly, your link to do with video playback has sod all to do with anything.   Secondly, we can now add "hearing sound-stage differences in cable length" to the thousands of things you easily hear (we're all deaf) because you have magical, bias immune ears which makes what you hear from...
  21. Willakan

    Help with confusing specs?

    How much power your speakers need is dependent on their sensitivity, which you haven't given.
  22. Willakan

    Best FLAC player for PC?

    I don't think thinking of FLAC as reducing sound quality, which is then un-reduced upon playback, makes any sense. It just stores the same data in a more efficient way.   Anyone who claims differences between FLAC and WAV files on playback is wrong. I will bet my entire life savings and my...
  23. Willakan

    Best FLAC player for PC?

    I would not so much take that article with a pinch of salt as upend several salt cellars over it and then throw it into the Dead Sea.  
  24. Willakan

    High end DACs are appearing in big numbers

    Quote: Indeed. In fact, a DAC with a fully discrete output stage is, on the balance of probabilities, likely to perform considerably worse I agree with your point, just not the example!
  25. Willakan

    Review: Yulong D100 DAC/amp - reference quality with a reasonable price

      Quote: I would expect the low-power jack to have a very high output impedance, as this has almost certainly been achieved by shoving a giant resistor in there.